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Mind The Music

Mind the Music is a collaborative project created by music lovers and budding writers from Brisbane, Australia.


Sam Shakspeare

Hey! I’m Sam. I’m a recent graduate of the Queensland University of Technology, with a Bachelor of Creative Industries degree, and currently work for The Premier Harbour Agency in Sydney. I have always loved music, especially live music. I listen to and enjoy an eclectic mix of genres and though I particularly enjoy listening to electronic house/disco/funk, I can’t pass up a great indie band, a beautiful voice or a catchy pop song. I don’t discriminate against genres because I think it is important to appreciate the effort that every musician puts into their work, whether I enjoy listening to it (I don’t particularly like punk or metal) may be a different story.

When the opportunity arose to collaborate with like-minded individuals on a blog project I jumped at the chance. Mind The Music has become the medium in which I can express ideas, shed light on new bands, give my opinion and generally share my passion with anyone who is willing to take a moment and read.

Roxanne Kennedy

Hey there! My name’s Roxanne. And yes, I did know that The Police sang about me back in 1978. I’m currently studying Events Management at UQ, hoping to one day work on some of the biggest festivals in the world, or even start my own!

I listen to a lot of indie rock, garage, and alternative, and also have a soft spot for beautiful men with long hair, a husky voice and impressive skills on an acoustic guitar. But I think the best songs are those which somehow explain exactly how you’re feeling, before you can even work it out yourself. Music is pretty powerful like that, it can either help you understand something, take you back to a certain time or place in your memory, or be used as a way to express yourself. If I can help you see things in a new light or  introduce you to some new songs and artists, then my work here is done.


Nick Linde

Howdy all! I’m Nick. Last year I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Entertainment Industries and Film and Television at QUT. I’ve been blogging about Film’s for a few years now and only recently have I decided to blog about my other love… Fantastic Music. Expect a bit of everything from me my tastes vary a fair amount. Hell, I might even bring back some old classics and talk about songs like Achy Breaky Heart!

…Maybe not Achy Breaky Heart.


Natalie Thorogood

Hey fellow music lovers! I’m Natalie and I have an obsession with Hip Hop music, in particular Aussie Hip Hop.  Most of my blogs will be updates and new music reviews from the world of Hip Hop!

My love of a great rhyme and dirty beat has always been my greatest interest, so contributing to ‘Mind the Music’ seemed like a great way to share my opinions.

I am a QUT student, studying Mass Communications (Media and PR) and loving it.  In my ‘spare time’ I am usually working or volunteering at festivals as I believe there is no better vibe in the world! I hope to one day carve out a career in the industry.


Morgan James

Hello! My name’s Morgan. I’m a QUT Mass Communication graduate who really freaking loves music! You should probably trust me when I say my university degree really doesn’t say much about me as a person. I’m the type of person you really shouldn’t take too seriously.

I write about music from a very personal perspective. If I’m loving something, I’ll share it. If a band/artist/song makes me feel super nostalgic, I’ll share it. If I have a story involving a particular song, I’ll share it… I’m apparently a very sharing person… who would have thought? I’ll listen to just about anything, from indie/folk/acoustic to top 40/punk/rock/alternative. You play it for me and I’ll be open minded about it. Unless it’s Nickelback…. there’s no way I’m listening to that.

Favourite Band/Artist: Jack’s Mannequin
Favourite Album: Forever So – Husky
Favourite Concert: Justin Timberlake – Future Sex Love Sounds  @ The Brisbane Entertainment Centre or Jake Bugg @ The Metro.

David Crilly-Jones

Hi, I’m David! I’m from England originally, but have been living in Brisbane since 2005.

I’m a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology, having majored in Entertainment Industries and Music, I’m now undertaking a Masters degree alongside some very talented musicians and producers, focusing on music business.

Aside from writing for Mind the Music, I manage local band Street Pieces and help to implement marketing for DeepBlue Orchestra. I’ve been fortunate to tour across regional South Australia and Western Australia with DeepBlue. I was also a project assistant for the 100 Songs Project 2012.  I’m currently trying to make a name for myself in the Brisbane music industry.

I’m a fan of rock and pop music, old and new. I play guitar and enjoy recording songs at home, as well as fiddling around with audio effects. I’m an RGP gamer, and I also enjoy reading and a healthy dose of sci-fi. especially Doctor Who.

Favorite band: Oasis
Favorite album: Hot Fuss
Favorite gig: Coldplay and The Temper Trap at Suncorp Stadium.

Brianna Denmeade

My name is Brianna, but call me Bri. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy in South Brisbane. I endeavour to pursue a career in the entertainment industry either in entertainment journalism or events and promotions. Writing for Mind The Music is the perfect creative outlet for me as it combines two of my passions, writing and music.

There is nothing better then music festivals! They are one of my favourite things in the world and I work hard to make sure I get to go to as many as I can. The vibe, environment and experience you gain at a music festival is priceless!

I listen to indie, rock, folk, pop, RnB, trap, alternative and most other kinds of music. I am not a big fan of metal or screamo, but I can appreciate why people like it. I write about things that truly interest me so if you have a read through my contributions to the blog it will give you an insight into my musical taste.

Enjoy the blog!

One response to “About Us

  1. Hey Guys!
    from what you’ve written in your profiles, I reckon a few of you might be interested in some music I’ve just released (Talking to you Sam, Morgan and Nick – Sorry nat.. got no hip hops for you today!)
    You can listen at the website, and get in touch if you want anymore info! Hope Brissy is warmer than where I’m at the moment.. Armidale NSW.. was -3º this morning!

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