Fresh Catch: XPLOR


Nashville producers XPLOR have just dropped their debut EP, Bring Your Love Back. The duo, made up of Brian Carmona and Vince DiCarlo, only formed in February 2015 yet they’ve already released six tracks in under a month. If Client Liaison and M83 had a lovechild, XPLOR would be it and I can’t get enough.

The new EP is packed with killer turn-of-the-90s synthpop vibes. Not only have they released four fantastic songs, but also the ‘Bring Your Love Back Story’. Brian and Vince explained that, “We wanted to do something creative and different so we did a story based around [the EP] Bring Your Love Back. ” And they certainly have, creating an experience rather than just an album. The new single ‘Ready’ is a well crafted song, encompassing the catchy drum beats, skewed guitar riffs and airy vocals that are integral to every traditional synthpop track.

Brian and Vince are both self-taught musicians who started making music together after meeting through their local church group. XPLOR really is a combined effort, with both members doing the programming as well as Brian being the lead singer and Vince doing backup vocals and majority of the lead guitar.  Inspired by the 80s greats including Michael Jackson, The Blue Nike, Whitney Houston and New Kids On The Block, their sound couldn’t be more classic if it tried. The two have no preconceptions about their music or what they’re trying to be, they just want to make the best, most honest pop songs they can. XPLOR is really focused on creating a connection with listeners, and as Chris and Brian endeavor to be transparent with their music, the vision for XPLOR is to create music that will draw some sort of emotion from the listener.

Luckily XPLOR have no plans to slow down, saying “We love making music together and that’s why we believe so much in this band.  We will make records and tour, but since XPLOR was birthed not to long ago, we are still trying to connect our music with the listener.”

Listen to the new EP and ‘BYLB Story’ below.

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