The Killers & Jimmy Kimmel release Christmas Single ‘Joel the Lump of Coal’

the-killers-joel-the-christmas-coal-jimmy-kimmel-2014-billboard-650For the past eight years The Killers have released an annual Christmas single, donating proceeds to the AIDS Awareness Foundation (RED). They have collaborated with likes of Elton John, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Wild Light and now American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

‘Joel, the Lump of Coal’ is the newest gem from the glam-rockers and is the perfect song for people who aren’t lovers of the jovial Christmas Carol. Dubbed the song “the greatest Christmas song ever recorded by non-chipmunks’ by Kimmel, it tells tells the touching story of Joel the lump of anthracite who is disappointed when Santa (voiceover by Jimmy Kimmel) uses him to teach a lesson rather than giving him as a present. Needless to say, both the boy and Joel are bitterly disappointed but a valuable Christmas lesson is learned when Joel the lump of coal sacrifices his life and turns into a diamond. So touching.

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