Interim @ The Zoo, Brisbane – 20/09/2014

DSC01599_WGene Simmons may have said that rock is dead, but that’s just because he hasn’t been down to The Zoo, one of Brisbane’s most iconic and sweatiest venues. Playing regular host to some of the great up and coming home grown acts, last weekend was no different when Brisbane lads Interim took to the stage for what was an absolute onslaught of balls out hard rock.

Comprised of band members Alec Snow, Jock Houston, Jimmy Basnett, Matt Hollonds and Lachy Becke; Interim smashed their way through a solid 40 minute set of blues inspired riffs and crashing cymbals to deliver what will surely become a familiar set at festivals in years to come.DSC01344_W

Led by their lead singer and Home and Away export Alec; the boys started by addressing The Zoo’s punters as ‘animals’, and as such we should let loose like a pack of wild ones. The crowd didn’t need much more encouragement than this, as they got right into every song that was played, and for good reason.

The boys were filming via the trusty old Go-Pro for a soon to be released video clip. With tracks like ‘Take What You Want’, this set was packed full of some heavy goodness that could be compared to the likes of Audioslave and The Black Keys.

Interim have just released their latest song ‘She’s The Devil’, which some may have seen performed on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, and it was with this song that the 5-piece would do the most amount of damage with. The set finished with ‘She’s The Devil’, starting off with some cool blues guitar work before unleashing a chest-crushing wall of sound that is the finale of the tune.

They have already conquered The Zoo and soon enough Interim will be taking on bigger stages and bigger crowds to deliver their brand of garage rock and roll. Keep your eyes and ears out for Interim as they will do nothing but impress.DSC01833_W



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