Interview: Dutch music producer and DJ Bakermat is heading to Australia for Beyond The Valley

Bakermat is the stage name for Dutch music producer and DJ Lodewijk Fluttert. At the age of eighteen Lodewijk was studying psychology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands when he discovered his passion for house music. Living in the small town of Markelo with not much to do, he quickly picked up the techniques of a skilled music producer and DJ and released two EPs in 2012. Due to the the fast-paced sharing and streaming of the internet, and a few high-profile DJ gigs Bakermat was becoming known to numerous electronic and house labels. He has a unique sound that has never been done before in the dance music world; his deep house beats incorporate jazz, blues and soul influences throughout, which makes his sounds soothingly melodic and unlike anything else in the music industry. Bakermat recently performed at the world renowned music festival Tomorrowland, and will be heading to Australia for Beyond The Valley to perform alongside artists like: Danny Brown, Peking Duk, Bag Raiders and more. He took the time to talk to me about life in his home town, how he creates his music, and what it was like transitioning from university student to music producer in a matter of months.

First I have to ask something really basic, how do you pronounce your real name (Lodewijk Fluttert)? My real name is a Dutch name, so you can just call me Louie.

What was it like growing up in your village of Markelo in the Netherlands, and do you think where you grew up has had an influence on your sound? Yes it has. It’s a really small town, and actually everybody thought house music was lame. I used to have to listen to it secretly or I would get beaten up at school. It’s insane; it’s a really small and conservative town. That was kind of the reason I locked myself up in my room to listen to the music I loved, and to make the music I love. Markelo is the reason I isolated myself and listened to a lot of music because there was not really a lot to do over there.

I have read that you found your passion for music at a very young age through the genres of soul and jazz and blues. What is it about soul and jazz and blues that captured your attention at such a young age? I really don’t know why I like those genres so much. I think soul and jazz and blues are my three favourite genres that I like to listen to. They have a lot of feeling, and I like to put feeling into my music. I got it into my music because I realised it had never been done before, you know? Jazz and blues music mixed with house beats. I thought it would be really nice.

How do you blend musical styles that are so different, but manage to make it sound so damn good and flow so melodically? I sit behind my computer for hours. I usually first make the melodies. I have a good synthesizer, and make nice warm sounds. Then I chop up some trumpets, or saxophones and I try to make a great melody. If I have eight bars of melody, then I’m good, and I can create a song around it.

I have actually been listening to your single ‘One Day’ on repeat all day because it is so catchy! What was the creative process for you when you created this song? I had the acapella from Martin Luther King and I loved it so much. I thought this is a piece of music on it’s own, it’s not just a speech. I wanted to build a chord progression around that speech, and I did and then I did the arrangement. In the end I thought this was so uplifting that it needed some kind of climax, and then I added the saxophone melody. So that’s kind of how it went.

You have recently performed the epic international music festival Tomorrowland in July 2014. How incredible was it to be on stage performing at such a large scale festival, and what was the atmosphere like? It was one of the best gigs this year. It was the best experience ever to have my own stage there, to invite my friends and other DJs. It was packed at every moment of the day. It was really special for me; it was a new milestone in my career. I just got message that probably next year I will have my own stage again.

You are a music producer and a well-known DJ, if you had to choose which one you prefer what would it be? Producer. Definitely producer.

It was only a few years ago that you were just a regular university student studying psychology, and now you are travelling the world performing your music. What has life been like since your music gained recognition? It’s actually really like a dream come true; it sounds so cliché, but it is. It’s just weird, you know? I get paid to fly all over the world, and play music in beautiful places. It’s weird, but it’s a good weird. It’s so much better than studying, haha!

 Is there anything you can tell us about the set you have planned when you head to Australia for Beyond The Valley this coming December? I don’t have anything planned. I never plan sets. I am definitely going to play some of my new songs from my new album that is coming out soon. I’ll definitely play my new sound – gospel and bluesy sounds. I am definitely going to make a nice, happy, melodic mix out of it. I really don’t know what tracks I am going to play though.

Beyond The Valley will take place on Phillip Island from the 30th of December until the 1st of January over New Years Eve. Tickets are still available and can be purchased from their website:

It will set you back $299 for a ticket that includes camping.


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