Josef Salvat Releases New Single ‘Open Season’

Sydney-born, London-based crooner Josef Salvat has released the first single off his highly anticipated forthcoming EP In Your Prime. ‘Open Season’ is undeniably catchy, with a killer hook and chorus, in addition to the pulsating rhythms that feature in all of Salvat’s tracks. The song still has the hallmark vocals and heavy bass lines that are distinctive to his music, but this track sees the singer/songwriter realigning to a faster, more upbeat pop sound that is already attracting praise from around the globe.

Salvat is already well know internationally for ‘Hustler‘, ‘This Life‘ and ‘Every Night‘, garnering over 1.5 million Soundcloud plays and close to one million YouTube views to date. ‘Open Season’ is a tantalising taste of what is to come on his debut EP and will be released this Friday, September 26, via Liberation Music. The In Your Prime EP will be released in Australia later this year, with a date yet to come.

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