Aussie Twins The Veronicas Are Making A Comeback!

the veronicas 2Aside from the single, ‘Lolita’, that Jessica and Lisa Origliasso released in 2012 we have not heard new music from The Veronicas in five years. The Brisbane born twin sisters found their place in the music industry ten years ago, and now after splitting with their previous recording company Warner Brothers in 2013 they have signed with Sony Music Australasia.

“The opportunity to work with such a successful team that understand and support our freedom as the artists we are, and who have embraced us to help lift us higher than we’ve known in the past, is nothing short of a privilege and blessing,” says Jessica Origliasso of Sony Music, “With (Sony Music Australasia chairman/CEO) Denis Handlin and the Sony Music team worldwide, we finally feel at home to create music and a career without limits.” 

In 2004 at the age of 19 the now 29-year-old Aussie sisters released their first studio album. After another studio album and a global tour in 2009, the girls decided they needed a break to discover whether they could create music as individuals. Their third studio album was due to be released last year following the single ‘Lolita’ but after creative differences with Warner Brothers Records the album was delayed, and not long after that they were signed with Sony Music.

Yesterday on the Channel 7 morning program, Sunrise, The Veronicas released the music video for their first track off of the upcoming album. The single, ‘You Ruin Me’, is a brooding and enchanting ballad about heartbreak. Jessica has said of their new single, “We have never released a ballad before as a single but it’s time to not do what people expect.” ‘You Ruin Me’ is already number one on the Australian iTunes charts, so there is no doubt that The Veronicas are making a comeback!

Have a look and a listen to this beautifully morbid new single from The Veronicas:

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