Sunday Sounds #2

Back again with a few of my favourite tracks from during the week!

1. We’re still waiting for the release of Steve Smyth‘s debut album, Exits, due out September 5th. But in the meantime I’m loving his latest single, ‘Written or Spoken’. Supposedly written on his houseboat in London, the track is captivating, emotive, and simply beautiful. The release of Exits comes with a massive 46+ tour. His live shows are said to be ‘an experience like no other’ so I am beyond excited. Get your tickets here.

2. Taking it back over four years now, Vampire Weekend’s Contra album is still catchy as fuck. Here’s ‘Holiday’.

3. Let me introduce you to RABBIT. The self-proclaimed “pseudo-nihilistic alt garage” three piece seem to have taken over Brissy in the last 6 months after a string of live gigs, headline shows, winning the Ric’s Exposed competition, and being booked for Valley Fiesta next week. On top of all that they’ve also managed to put together their debut three piece EP, DID WE? It’s dirty and boisterous, and from experience I can say it makes for a hectic live show. My favourite is ‘Treehouse Kings’.

4. The last time I mentioned Nova and the Experience, I had just seen them at a mini festival in Brisbane where they gave me a copy of their latest EP There’s Something Here. Almost a year on and the Sydney four piece are embarking on a headline tour along the east coast to promote their next EP, Where We Go, due for release September 1st after the tour comes to an end. In the meantime though they have released a couple of singles. According to NATE, ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ is “all about eloping with your lover and trying to save what you have lost.”  The track leads us out of this current chilly weather with a spring/summer vibe, and features the same pulsing drum beats and harmonious vocals that we’ve previously heard and loved from the band. That said, ‘Paper Mache Planes’ is completely different. Almost entirely acoustic, with a storyline full of feels. I love it just as much, in fact maybe even more.

5. I know I mentioned Angus & Julia in last week’s Sunday Sounds (check that out here), but I really just can’t get enough of the new album. This week it’s ‘Grizzly Bear’.

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