Chance The Rapper covers ‘Arthur’ theme song!

chance“It’s a simple message, and it comes from the heart: Believe in yourself, well that’s the place to start.”

If you’re a 90s kid and don’t know these lyrics… where have you been?! Originally performed by Ziggy Marley a solid 18 years ago (feel old yet?) they are, of course, the iconic lyrics featured in the theme song from the cartoon, Arthur.

Earlier this week, 21 year old Chance The Rapper paid homage to his childhood and officially released a reworked version of the track. Even though the original song was used to open a children’s cartoon about an eight year old aardvark, you can’t deny the simple yet inspirational message behind the lyrics – a message we could all easily learn from. Chance continues to spread the positivity with his track, ‘Wonderful Everyday: Arthur’. Opening the feel good song with a slow piano and the lyrics “everyday it could be wonderful”, the track continues to build with a subtle drum-line, perfectly timed cymbal crashes, and a choir of vocals from Wyclef Jean, Jessie WareElle Varner, Francis and the LightsThe O’My’s, Peter Cottontale, Eryn Allen Kane, and Donnie Trumpet.

The track is an instant pick-me-up. Full of synth, soul, and all round good vibes, it can make you feel… well… Wonderful Everyday. Check it out below!

I’m gonna get by when the going get rough
I’m gonna love life ’til I’m done growing up
And when I go down
Ima go down swinging
My eyes still smiling
And my heart still singing

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