Beyond The Valley will take over Phillip Island for New Years Eve!

beyond the valley pic

The highly acclaimed Pyramid Rock music festival will not be returning to Victoria’s Phillip Island to host this year, instead, the new kids on the block Beyond The Valley will be taking over the Phillip Island site for New Years Eve.

Beyond The Valley is already being branded as a boutique music festival with the organisers striving to focus on the total experience by creating an entirely new atmosphere compared to other music festivals through providing refined production, decor and themes. The event infrastructure and staff will be completely devoted to fully catering for each guests comfort and satisfaction in the festival environment. Food and Beverage service will be held to a higher standard than that of other traditional music festivals and will provide a diverse range of gourmet food options that come from a variety of different cultures.

The upcoming music festival is set to go off on the 30th and 31st of December and is rumoured to be hosting up to 10 000 patrons in its first year. No word on the line up yet but it is due to be released in the next month, with tickets to go on sale shortly after. It is also rumoured that Beyond The Valley tickets are not going to break the bank as much as most music festival tickets in the current market. As if all the perks are not enough Philip Island provides the perfect backdrop for a summer music festival, and with its incredible seaside location it is a beautiful landscape to appease all your senses and allow for new experiences and self expression.

The video teaser for Beyond The Valley gives you an idea of the vibe and style the music festival is going for…

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