Real//Talks release debut EP!

realtalksHoorah! It’s here! And for anyone who is as poor as myself right now, it’s free! I first mentioned Gold Coast band Real//Talks in another gig review back in December last year (you can find that post here), and since then I have been itching for the release of their debut EP.

The self-titled five track EP is energetic and catchy, and draws you in with its sense of sophistication. Featuring a playful guitar riff and a snare that pulses through the entire song, ‘Liars’ has an indie, upbeat feel, and is the perfect opening track to captivate you from the very beginning. The following tracks do begin to slow down in pace, however there is no denying their artistry and pure talent. Their third track, ‘Running Red’ is the first that takes a change of pace, with keyboardist Sarah Harvey even chiming in with her warm vocals to add another element to the track. Spoiler Alert: the infamous ‘She Knows’ didn’t make the EP. We’re shocked.

Photo: Roxanne Kennedy

Photo: Roxanne Kennedy

Their EP launch in Brisbane last month was their second gig that I’ve been to and each time they’ve managed to leave me in awe. The only criticism I have to the EP is that although it is 22 minutes of brilliance, it still doesn’t do any justice to the engaging intensity that they manage to execute at their live shows. But maybe that’s just a compliment to their stage presence. Special mention to front-man Aldo Thomas for his ever energetic and infectious performance; I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone move that much on a stage that small.

Photo: Roxanne Kennedy

Photo: Roxanne Kennedy

Whether it’s because of the vast array or talent that comes from having seven members in the band, or perhaps from influences they’ve gained from others, it’s clear that Real//Talks have found their own unique sound. They’ve taken indie rock to a whole new level that makes it almost insulting to put them into a category. Real//Talks have found the perfect balance of light and shade; there’s a lot happening on this EP but somehow it all works. With Aldo’s somewhat dramatic tone, the well crafted storytelling, and the creative musicality overall, there is so much depth and maturity that it’s hard to believe this is only their debut EP. Be sure to have a listen and download it here if you haven’t already, these guys are definitely going places.

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