NEWS: weekly recap – Pono, One Night Stand, Snakadaktal pack it in

Neil Young’s Pono
No, it’s ok – you misread that. You don’t have to see Neil Young naked. The aged rock star is gearing up to launch his new music delivery service PonoMusic, promising “studio master recording quality.” There’s a lot of hipster wank written on the official site, but the future looks bright – his Kickstarter campaign has already received a shit ton of money. Is there a noticable difference in quality from MP3? These musicians certainly think so:

Pono claim the the major record labels are all on board, which does suggest access to a massive catalogue of music. The company is also releasing the PonoPlayer – a device (“not a mobile device“) specifically designed with lossless music files in mind. This already raises the issue of massive file sizes. This generation are an impatient bunch – an increase in download times could be an off-putting factor.

The player will however accept music files that people currently own, and the PonoMusic store is offering downloads in the most common file formats. The Ponoplayer will sell at US$350 (you can pre-order one at Kickstarter for US$300), with “high resolution” albums expected to be between US$15 – 25.


Not to be confused with a doorstop

Vinyl has seen a resurgence in recently – so Pono could mirror this trend. Will the quality of the music be sufficient enough to warrant the cost? To entice people into buying superior headphones? We’ll see.

Bigsound looking for 2014 performers
Brisbane’s biggest and best musical event Bigsound returns again in 2014 across September 10-12. The conference attracts industry names from across the country and is topped by Bigsound Live – two nights of quality performances by national and international bands across several locations in Fortitude Valley.

Applications for artists to take part in this year’s Bigsound Live have opened up – you can apply here. For those wishing to attend the conference, Early Bird registration has now opened up.

illyTriple J’s One Night Stand
Triple J’s all ages One Night Stand will take place in Mildura on May 17. Heading up the Brisbane contingent are our two hottest acts: Violent Soho and The Jungle Giants. The following artists have also been announced: Dan Sultan, RÜFÜS, and Illy. Triple J will pick a local band from Unearthed to fill the sixth and final spot. More details on the competition can be found here.

Snakadaktal no more
Melbourne five piece Snakadaktal have announced the band will no longer continue, despite having debuted only one album.

We feel that it is time to move onto different pursuits that we individually wish to explore.” The band’s Facebook announcement also thanked the fans, and acknowledged pride in their music. No doubt many are desperately hoping this is a premature April Fools joke.

Snakadaktal started out in Melbourne in 2009. The group’s groovy and atmospheric music quickly caught the attention of Triple J, and very soon the nation. In 2011, they signed their first record deal, and their eponymous EP followed soon after. Mind The Music wishes the members all the best in their future projects.

Tragedy at SXSW
Earlier this week it was reported that two people were killed when a car broke through barricades surrounding a music conference at SXSW. According to reports, several others are also in critical condition after the drunk driver attempted to elude police. It is believed that no Australians were injured. For more detailed information, visit MusicFeeds.

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