NEW: ASAP Rocky Releases “In Distress” ft. Gesaffelstein


ASAP Rocky and Gesaffelstein have teamed up and released a killer song for the ‘Divergent’ film Soundtrack. ‘In Distress’ is a harrowing track with ominous bass lines, ghostly vocal samples and a spine-tingling intro and breakdown; sounds that are already well known to the French producer. ASAP’s lyrics add to the post-apocalyptic tone – “If knowledge is power / And power is knowledge / And then you divide and conquer / I devoured and conquered”. Gesaffelstein has had a massive 2013, releasing his critically-acclaimed debut album Aleph and teaming up with Kanye West to produce the track ‘Black Skinhead’. ASAP Rocky has been showcasing his diversity with recent collaborations and this track is further proving his flexibility within genres. It’s a great song, have a listen below.

Check out Gesaffelstein currently touring with the Future Music Festival.

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