NEWS: Weekly recap – NMEs, Oasis tease, and Coldplay’s identity crisis


Arctic Monkeys win again
Following their double win at the Brit Awards last week, Arctic Monkeys have claimed five wins at the NME awards in London. Despite stupid award names like “Hero of the Year” (won by Alex Turner) and “Godlike Genius” (won by Blondie), the incestuous industry awards recognise the greatest (mostly British) achievers from Best Festival to Best Fan Community – as well as Worst Band (sorry The 1975).

Music Moment of the Year went to the reconciliatory performance by former Britpop enemies Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn for the Teenage Cancer Trust:

NME even has a category for Best Autobiography – won by none other than the dapper, soulful Morrissey. Of course, if his book is anything like his music, no doubt we can expect spates of suicides as readers ponder their middle class existential meaningless. Thanks, Morrissey.

Mercifully, unlike the Brit Awards, One Direction did not appear on this list, whilst Harry Styles copped Villain of The Year. For a complete list of award winners, it’s easier to check Wikipedia than navigate the awards site..

Oasis definitely maybe might reform one day
Despite a titillating Instagram promise of new Oasis news, no band reformation was forth coming – much to the sadness (as well as indifference) to the world of Twitter. Instead, a re-release of Definitely Maybe for the 20th anniversary of the band’s raw debut album will sate only the most die-hard of fans. Never one to shy away from voicing an opinion (or Capslock), even Liam Gallagher seems to be against it.

A 20th anniversary tour for (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory perhaps?

Coldplay suffer amnesia
No doubt spurred on by the success of their electronic, Eno-infested Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay have split even further from the pop ballad origins to release “Midnight”, filled with ambient electronica, heaps of vocoder and lyrics you can almost hear. Time will tell whether the band’s next album will alienate or win over fans. And just imagine, Chris Martin had to stand in a wooded area and dance like that.

Future Music proves lasers are cool
Future Music Festival kicked off in Brisbane last Saturday, minus that special hat with an undergrowth that we call Pharrell Williams. Some lame excuse involving an Oscar prevented him from closing the night, but stunning performances from the likes of Deadmau5, Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis and the apparently-still-making-music Eric Prydz.

It’s refreshing to finally have a festival this year where the original headliners actually show up.

Mardi Gras Parade is still awesome
Mardi Gras proved two things this year. Firstly, that Sydney’s lock out laws and a bit of rain are no match for the draw of a fabulous parade. Secondly, international LGBTI supporters will not let us forget that Russian President Vladmir Putin is a  complete tosser.


Source: Yahoo News

Delta Goodrem entertained from her own float (I think she’s supposed to be a flower), whilst Baz Lurhmann looked after the Strictly Come Dancing themed float and entourage. The general consensus seems to be that if you weren’t there, you well and truly missed out on something amazing. Ah well, there’s always next year.

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