WATCH: Coming of Age By Foster The People

It’s affirmed. Foster the People, responsible for the 2011 electro-pop hits “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Call It What You Want,” still exist. After playing the modern art game last month, the band have broken their hiatus to release their new single “Coming Of Age.” The song precedes the release of their second album Supermodel, expected in March of this year.

In his interview with Rolling Stone, Mark Foster claims that the band’s forthcoming album will be something “more organic and human.” The tone and rhythm of the guitar feels reminiscent of a late 1980s Duran Duran, whilst towards the end the vocals throw up to a Beach Boys-esque melody that ends the tracks with a bit of positivity. It somewhat draws a parallel with the recent direction of The Killers in Battle Born and their creepy 80s love affair.

But whilst Foster’s lyrics don’t capture gritty, American life realism like a song from The Killers would, the more open ended narrative of this track opens up its accessibility to a broader range of listeners. Those barrelling through a uni degree might find grim truth in the line “I tend to leave a trail of debt/while I’m moving ahead.”

The video keeps with the theme of relatability by offering glimpses into the lives of various youths, although it’s ambiguous whether any of them actually ‘come of age.’ Juxtaposed over these scenes are close ups of the band, looking more rock n roll than their previous selves. Perhaps a good sign of a band that has evolved itself and refuses to be pigeon-holed. In another month we’ll know for sure.

Keep up to date on news from Foster The People here.


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