Bass Boutique with Dillon Francis


Everyone was like ‘IDGAFOS’ on January 25th, as we cruised around Sydney Harbour for Dillon Francis‘ only Big Day Out sideshow. It was “All Aboard” with local talents A-Tonez, Danny T and Natnoiz warming up the crowd while everyone got day drunk. There was also a surprise set from DJ Sega, with Kurt from Flosstradamus also lending a hand.

Dillon played a mixed set, featuring some heavy bass tunes, trap and even some moombahton from his early days. The beloved producer/comedian kept the fun alive, with his alter-ego DJ Hanzel also making an appearance to take the set ‘one deeper’, with some 90’s RnB and hip hop to get the crowd grinding.

The set was everything I had hoped for, complete with Dillon crowd surfing, he and Kurt dancing on the decks table and some dude’s undies making their way to the stage. Check out the photos here.

Only disappointment? Diplo wasn’t there…


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