Top 15 Bands That Make Me Proud To Be From Brisbane


If you’re a Brissy local like me, the thought of being stuck in this small concrete jungle is almost enough to make you pack your bags and escape every weekend. When you think of the three most important factors of life – food, coffee, and music – Australia’s other major capital cities Melbourne and Sydney have always reigned supreme. Let’s be honest, the only thing that Brisbane’s really known for is the fact that you can still get a tan in winter. Until now. It’s a growing fact that Brisbane is a treasure-trove of new wave talent right now, and it’s about time we take a stance and show Australia – and the world – that we’ve got more than just sunshine up here.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top 15 bands that make being a Brisbanite less shit. There is no doubt you’ve heard a lot of them before but hopefully there are a some hidden gems for you to add to your collection. Enjoy!

1. Cub Sport 
Genre: Indie Pop
Fun Fact: They really, really like dogs.

2. Velociraptor
Genre: Indie Rock
Fun Fact: They started as a 3 piece in 2008 before transforming into a massive 12 piece in late 2009.

3. The Trouble With Templeton
Genre: Alternative
Fun Fact: TTWT recently toured the US twice within 18 months.

4. The Jungle Giants
Genre: Indie
Fun Fact: Lead singer Sam Hales, guitarist Cesira Aitken and bassist Andrew Dooris were in opposing bands at high school.

5. The Kite String Tangle
Genre: Electronic/Alternative
Fun Fact: The Kite String Tangle aka Danny Harley has announced he will embark on a headlining tour in February!

6. Little Odessa
Genre: Rock & Roll
Fun Fact: They currently have a residency at Black Bear Lodge for the last three Fridays in January.

7. Major Leagues
Genre: Indie
Fun Fact: They have a pretty cool tumblr, check it out here.

8. Friends Of Ben
Genre: Indie/Pop
Fun Fact: They describe their style as “intelligent and emotional pop”.

9. The Creases
Genre: Indie
Fun Fact: They are signed to UK label Rough Trade Records, the same label that signed The Smiths.

10. Go Violets
Genre: Indie/Pop
Fun Fact: Singer/guitarist Alice Rezende said Brisbane was the catalyst for her to start writing songs, and often wonders if she’d be playing music if she didn’t live in Brisbane.

11. Sheppard
Genre: Alternative Pop
Fun Fact: Band members George, Amy and Emma are siblings who grew up in Papua New Guinea.

12. Naked Maja
Genre: Experimental Pop
Fun Fact: Naked Maja began by playing weeknight shows at X & Y Bar.

13. Violent Soho
Genre: Indie Rock
Fun Fact: Their latest album, Hungry Ghost, is “a character study of the personalities and ideas of consumer society that inform their hometown of Brisbane suburb Mansfield, examining the concept of the outsider – people who are a little bizarre – and how they view the world.”

14. Little Scout
Genre: Indie/Dream Pop/Rock
Fun Fact: Their debut album, Take Your Light, has been described as “fairy floss dyed black”.

15. MTNS
Genre: Indie, Ambient, Electronic, Pop
Fun Fact: moun – tains (moun-tnz) 
                    noun, band
                   1. A natural peak rising above and beyond the surrounding level and attaining                          status which, relative to adjacent peers, is impressive and notable.

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