Josh Pyke is The Beginning And The End Of Everything – New Music Video and Lone Wolf Tour

The Australian singer and song writer Josh Pyke emerged onto the indie music scene in 2005 with his debut release of Recordings 2003-2005. His fast growing success attracted a record label signing through Ivy League Records in 2005. Pyke then released his first EP Feeding the Wolves; the album produced two hit singles, ‘Middle of the Hill’, which was voted number 17 in the Triple J Hottest 100 list in the summer of 2005, and ‘Private Education’ coming 57th in the same renowned list in the following year. He has since had several of his singles make it to the Triple J Hottest 100 list for consecutive years. Soon after the success of Feeding The Wolves he signed with global recording label Island Records. After continuous touring and promoting he released albums Memories & Dust in 2007 and Chimney’s Afire in 2011; both receiving high acclaim and achieving gold sales in Australia. His fourth studio album, The Beginning And The End Of Everything, was released in July 2013 and made it to #7 on the ARIA album charts. Pyke also received an ARIA nomination for best adult contemporary release through the success of this album. Josh Pyke has always had a fluidity and beauty to his lyrics, and shared an intimacy with his audience at his live acoustic shows. Pyke has released a new music video for the album titled single ‘The Beginning And The End Of Everything’ and in February 2014 he will be returning to Australian stages for his Lone Wolf Tour. The first leg of the tour will be on Valentines Day, very fitting for a musician that seeks to share his passion for music with his beloved fans. We were lucky enough to get to speak to Pyke about his latest album, new music video and upcoming Australian tour.

How did you come up with the concept for the video for your album titled single ‘The Beginning And The End Of Everything’? 

Honestly, sometimes necessity really is the mother of invention. We were releasing the single, but didn’t have a clip concept, but we had some great live footage from a roof top gig I did for my Publishing company, (Alberts Music). I just had this vision of some weird little glitchy graphic stuff happening, and approached a director about doing it. We brain stormed some concepts and the rest is history.

You have had a list of successes since 2005, what has been some of your favourite moments since your music has become well known by your Aussie fans?

There have been so many. Winning my first ARIA was really special. Signing to Island records and touring the UK extensively early on was really seminal. Festival appearances have always been great. Now having a “proper” studio of my own is a super big achievement for me. I’m pretty bloody happy with the way things have gone!

What has been some of your most memorable locations or venues you have performed at over the years? 

The day on the Green shows are always at pretty amazing places. There are some incredible venues i the UK hat stand out, old cellars, and 500 year old halls. Glastonbury Festival in the UK was pretty incredible.

Is there a reason you decided to start the first leg of your Lone Wolf  Tour on Valentines Day? 

I didn’t even realise it was on Valentines day until someone asked me about that in an interview! I don’t really get too into Valentines, but I’m sure it’ll add a nice vibe in the room on the night!

What is one of the greatest things about being able to share your music with your fans, and being able to tour and play live in front of thousands? 

It’s just that feeling of instant gratification, or instant connection and a sharing of an experience with people that you don’t know. It’s hard to explain really, but it’s totally addictive and very hard to replicate with anything else.

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Is there anyone who inspires your music, or anyone you have been influenced by musically over the years? 

Many, many people. Early on I was really inspired by artists like Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. When I met and toured with people like Bob Evans and Ben Kweller, It made me realise that people my own age were doing this successfully and that was really encouraging.

Are the lyrics in your songs drawn from real life experiences?

Always. I find it very hard to write lyrics that aren’t at least partly inspired by own life.

What is your favourite single from your latest album, The Beginning And The End Of Everything? 

Favourite Single would be Leeward Side I reckon. I knew I loved that song as soon as I wrote it!

What are you most looking forward too when touring Australia again from February 2014? 

Just that connection that I mentioned above. It’s a special feeling, and one I cherish, so I’ll be keen to get back out there.

Out of the many songs you have performed live is there one that comes to mind that you believe has connected with your audiences the most? 

I think it’s fair to say that Middle of the Hill has been my most enduringly popular song. It just seems to be the kind of song that kinda transcends age, or place or gender. I feel very lucky to have that song as part of my swag!

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