Sarah De Bono Q&A: Life since The Voice and her new single Oasis

sarah de bonoSarah De Bono is the Australian singer-songwriter best known for coming fourth place in Australia’s first season of The Voice. Not long after the show, in June 2012 De Bono had her hit single ‘Beautiful’ reach the top 10 in the ARIA single charts and certified gold in Australia. In the year and a half that has passed since she has been working hard to follow her dreams in becoming a professional musician; travelling Australia and performing alongside artists such as Kelly Clarkson, writing new and original music and recording her next studio album. We caught up with the Aussie beauty to talk about her success since coming fourth on The Voice and her new single with a recently released music video, ‘Oasis’.

Since coming fourth on The Voice Australia and having your first album No Shame make it to the top 10 in the ARIA charts, what has life been like for you?

Life has been pretty amazing! One day you are living your life teaching your kids and the next you are living out of a suitcase travelling and performing, everyone knowing your name! I’m really blessed to be where I am in life.

 Your anti-bully anthem ‘Beautiful’ is an inspiration for all people who understand what it is like to go through bullying or hard times in life. Have you found that you have become somewhat of a role model since the release of your original song?

I’ve definitely become a role model to a lot of young girls in particular which I am very humbled by. It just makes me want to work harder at sharing more uplifting positive messages through my music to give people hope and help them see they aren’t alone in whatever they may be going through.      

What advice can you give to people who are going through being bullied in high school in their life right now? What can they do to make it better?

To anyone who is a victim of bullying you need to speak out and tell someone about it, someone who can help you! If the first person you tell doesn’t help you then dont give up and be persistent until someone does help you! I know it’s scary to voice your problems but you owe it to yourself because you deserve the best.

What was it like supporting Kelly Clarkson during her Australian tour?

Kelly Clarkson was amazing, touring with her was not only so exciting but she was the most grounded, lovely person. I don’t think I could have asked for any thing more!

Your tongue piercing and signature red hair is all part of your trademark look, are both of those things here to stay?

Yep my red hair and tongue ring aren’t going anywhere anytime soon that’s for sure!

What was it like working with Joel on Australia’s first season of the voice?

It was such an awesome experience working with Joel. Just like Kelly he is a real person, really grounded and just a cool dude! No regrets choosing him as my coach, definitely made the right decision!                                                                                           

Who are your main musical influences and idols? 

Whitney (Houston) was my favourite singer.. (R.I.P). Growing up I listened to all her songs and she pretty much taught me to sing. I love to listen to all kinds of music. Pop and RnB are my favourite, but on my iPod you’ll find classical to electro… Got to keep it fresh!

Your new single ‘Oasis’ is a catchy new song with a blend of pop and dance beats throughout. Can you describe ‘Oasis’ in your own words?

Oasis my new single! I wrote this on the concept of … You know when you want something so bad that you would give anything to have it… That is my oasis. For me this refers to reaching that dream or in more relative terms being totally in lust with that hot guy you can’t stop thinking about!

What went into the process of writing your new single Oasis?

Writing music should come naturally! I love that song writing has no rules! There’s no right or wrong and I learn something new from everyone I write with. You have just got to get creative and the sky is the limit 

What is in store for you next, and what can your fans expect in the upcoming months?

2014 lets bring it on!! I’m really hoping for an album early next year! Unfortunately these things aren’t up to me when I release music… But I cannot wait to share with everyone what I’ve been working on for the last year and a half!!!

Can you tell us any details regarding your next studio album?

I can tell you my album will be awesome! Haha… No really, it will take you on a journey, ups- downs and all the different experiences I have had to draw upon since coming off the show (The Voice Australia).

Can we expect your own headlining Australian tour after the release of the next album?

I would LOVE to do a tour next year that would be incredible… We shall wait and see xx

Have a look at the music video for her new pop single ‘Oasis’….


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