NEW: ‘Summer’ by Friends Of Ben

Released at a highly appropriate time of year, ‘Summer’ is the latest single from Brisbane indie-pop band Friends Of Ben. Two thumbs up, it certainly will be on my summer playlist. What makes this track so good is its anthem build up, in a pseudo Coldplay style. The drums have a lot to do with that, and are well used throughout. The song progresses into a wonderful cacophony which shows just what a dedicated three piece band can achieve.

The vocals are reminiscent of a Manic Street Preachers song – angst imbued with passion which adds a bittersweet vibe to the happy song. The lyrics reference a Thom Yorke introspective, which weave in carefully amongst the simple but charming guitar melodies.

There’s a constant synth drone behind the main rhythm that should not work, but it fits in gently, like a friendly hand on the shoulder. My only criticism: it does feel similar in tempo and feel to the group’s previous release ‘Common Place’, yet there’s no doubting the musical talent is there to explore a range of textures and tempos. Nonetheless ‘Summer’ is an emotional stirring song with a lot of soul poured into it, promising great things from the Brisbane three piece.

Friends Of Ben are officially launching ‘Summer’ this Wednesday at Black Bear Lodge. More details can be found here and at the band’s Facebook page.


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