Kanye releases new video for Bound 2 ft. topless Kim Kardashian!

timthumbKanye West has recently released the music video to his new single ‘Bound 2’ and to say it’s caused some controversy and mixed reactions would be an understatement.

At first glance the video looks like the makings of an amazing Sir David Attenborough documentary, with stunning landscapes, sunsets, secluded mountain tops and wild white horses running freely. Fast forward 30 seconds and you’re hit with such ~powerful~ lyrics like “uh-huh honey, all dem other niggas lame and u know it now, wen a real nigga hold u down, u supposed to drown” accompanied by a silhouette of Kim Kardashian laying naked on a motorcycle. The video goes on to show Kim straddling the motorcycle… backwards… topless… while gently thrusting and enjoying the bumpy ride along the fake desert highway.

To be honest I just don’t get it. At all. Surely he can afford better filming locations than dodgy green-screen graphics? And since when do rappers wear tie-dye and plaid? Why are the backup singers a women’s choir from the 60s? Why is her hair blowing in the opposite direction to how it should be if they were really riding a motorbike? And what the fuck is this song even about?!

One of my favourite parts is when the lyrics say “I know I got a bad reputation” and the film clip snaps to a shot of Kim Kardashian… oh the irony! But if I am to say one positive thing about the video, then kudos to Kim for getting a body like that so soon after the birth of North West (sidenote – naming the poor thing ‘North West’, REALLY?!)

After the uproar of Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ video there were many theories behind the video and the metaphors her naked body and the wrecking ball held. I wonder what the hidden meanings behind simulating sex while riding a motorcycle through a fake desert are?

The music video currently has more dislikes than likes on Kanye’s official VEVO account so I guess that shows for itself how much of a liking the public have taken to it. What are your thoughts?

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