Jordie Lane Q&A: There is no place like home, and he has a new EP and tour dates to prove it!


Jordie Lane did not have your typical Aussie upbringing, he spent his earlier years travelling with a community circus along with his mother and father who performed for a living. Perhaps this is where he gets his raw ability to entertain an audience because as well as being known for his voice and tricky guitar work, Lane can connect with his audience through his quick wit and spontaneous lyrics during his live performances.

His music career began with his first ukelele at only four years old. After years of dedicating his life to creating music and finding himself as a songwriter, in 2009 he released his debut LP Sleeping Patterns which he received praise for nationally. In 2012 Lane headlined 20 Australian tour dates to promote his single ‘Fool For Love’. The hard work paid off with the single being named iTunes song of the week upon its release in November 2012.

2013 has been Jordie Lane’s biggest year yet! He has been overseas travelling, touring and creating new music in Canada and the US. After almost a year away from home the musician is more then ready to come back to Australia to share his new music with his fans. His latest EP Not Built To Last was released on the 18th of October and to  celebrate Jordie Lane has lined up an Australian tour with Canadian musician Old Man Luedecke. Lane will be touring the country until the end of December, and then he is jet setting off to the UK to tour. What a lucky guy!

Mind the Music caught up with Jordie Lane to hear all about new music, touring and international success…

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We are so excited that you are back in Australia to release your new EP, what can we expect from this awaited release? 

It’s called Not Built To Last, and it’s a group of 5 tracks I recorded in Nashville in June, with producer Skylar Wilson. He’s worked with some of my favourites like Justin Townes Earle and Caitlin Rose. It was the latter which I really resonated with in the sound of her record. So Skylar definitely bought those lush Pedal Steel and Harrison like Slide guitars into the instrumentation. In fact we used the same band that recorded on her last album. They are killer players from East Nashville, and I was just so happy the way it came out. It’s got a real fresh sound for me, in that my last album was basically me in the desert, hitting pots and pans compared to this which is a rich whiskey of great musicians and producer in a great Studio.

You will be touring Australia over October and November performing over 50 gigs to promote ‘Not Built to Last’. Will your gigs incorporate much of your old music, or will you be showcasing mostly new stuff?

I’ll be doing a bit of everything for sure. From all my past releases, the new stuff, and some other new material that hasn’t been recorded yet. We’ll have a special full band for both the Melbourne and Sydney shows which is gonna be sweet. And I am bringing a special guest on the road for the whole tour by the name of Old Man Luedecke from Canada. He’s an amazing banjo playing, old time folk singer who I am so excited to share with the Aussie audiences. So we’ll no doubt be doing a bunch of collaboration together on each others tunes.

2013 has been a big year for you! You have relocated to LA to write and record music and you recently wrapped up touring Canada and the US. What are some of your favourite moments during your time overseas? 

Driving from Jasper to Calgary in the Canadian Rockies during July was one of the most spectacular things i have ever seen. We were driving on one hour sleep for 6 hours, through Glaciers, monstrous snow capped mountains, and the most pristine aqua blue lakes. I’m so glad we weren’t just on the Hume Highway to Sydney or something, or else we might of drifted off at the wheel. Also playing New York, and bar hopping all over Manhattan and Brooklyn all night and finishing it off whith some Ukrainian diner food at 6am, mmmm mmm.

Sharing your music internationally must bring you an amazing sensation! Can you describe what it was like playing the Calgary and Winnipeg Folk Festivals in Canada this year? 

Oh they were incredible audiences. Our first show at Winnipeg was on the main stage, in front of 10,000 people or something. It was a blast. Calgary too was so much fun. There was this one show we did which was an ‘In The Round’ style show; three bands on stage trading songs, The Cat Empire, Tinpan Orange and us. To play my new song Black Diamond with The Cat Empire Band in front of their screaming fans was so so much fun. those guys are such brilliant improvisers.

Is it comforting to be coming back home to Australia after spending most of 2013 abroad? 

Yeah it is actually. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s a long time since I’ve been home and I’m really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

Do you feel the time you have spent touring Canada and the US has influenced your new music or assisted you to grow or change as an artist? 

It’s definitely opened my musical horizons, in that I feel like I can do and be whatever I wanna be here. But definitely there are certain sounds of LA or Nashville for instance that are starting to show through on the recordings, that’s for sure. But the main thing is always just trying to write better and better songs, and I’ve definitely been around some of the best songwriters here, so I hope its rubbing off.

Over the year you have probably played hundreds of live gigs, with a variety of artists. I am sure every performance is an experience of its own, but is there one gig that stands out in your mind as your favourite or most memorable? 

Well those two at Winnipeg and Calgary were magic, but one of my favourites was playing this little town in Alberta called Medicine Hat. This dutch couple turned their home into a full time music venue, and it was fantastic. First it was one show, then they put a second on, then that sold out, and we had a spare day off so they put a 3rd show on for us. This tiny town in the middle of the Prairies given us that much love. It was brilliant.

After you wrap up the tour, what can fans expect over the next few months? 

Well I don’t really stop touring Australia till January. Which is where I head straight to the UK for a tour, and then another Canadian and US tour. With any luck we may have some more new music hitting the shelves early in the new year too!!!

Jordie Lane

Not Built To Last 

Australian Tour Dates 2013:

Friday, 25th October – Saturday, 26th October 
Fleurieu Folk Festival
Tickets:, 27th October
Fremantle Arts Centre, FremantleSunday, 27th October 
Ellington Jazz Club, Perth
Tickets:, 31st October
Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
Tickets:, 1st November
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets:, 2nd November
Red Hot Music, Devonport
Tickets: (03) 6424 2286Sunday, 3rd November
Republic Bar, Hobart
Tickets:, 7th November 
Beav’s Bar, Geelong
Tickets:, 8th November 
Theatre Royal, Castlemaine
Tickets: http://www.theatreroyal.infoSaturday, 9th November
Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne w/ Full band
Tickets:, 10th November 
Caravan Club, Oakleigh
Tickets:, 13th November 
Street Theatre, Canberra
Tickets:, 14th November
Yours & Owls, Wollongong
Tickets:, 15th November
Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba
Tickets:, 16th November
The Basement, Sydney w/ full band
Tickets:, 17th November
Grand Junction, MaitlandMonday, 18th November 
Music Lounge, Manly
Tickets:, 20th November 
Lizotte’s Central Coast
Tickets:, 21st November 
Lizotte’s Newcastle
Tickets:, 22nd November 
Mullumbimby Music Festival, Mullumbimby

For more information on Jordie Lane check out the following links:

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