Miley: The Movement… Taking over the world one twerk at a time!

If anyone knows the saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ it’s Miley Cyrus! From the day she released her hit single ‘We Can’t Stop’, to her raunchy MTV Video Music Award (VMA) performance, Miley Cyrus has been making jaws drop all around the world… There is no such thing as bad press for the young songstress, who has made international headlines almost every day since her controversial VMA performance.

During the premiere of her documentary “Miley: The Movement” Cyrus made it clear that every stunt she has pulled in the recent months have been strategic marketing tactics for, not only the release of her new album Bangerz, but also to introduce her new persona to the public. In the one hour documentary fans are given confidential access into Cyrus’ life in the spotlight and how she is attempting to shed her previous Hannah Montana image. “People always want to call it a transition . . . It’s not a transition,” she said. “It’s a movement. It’s a growth. It’s a change.”

Cyrus came up with the name for the MTV television special, and she really is attempting to create a movement as well as a global following. Most celebrities would shy away from such ambitious feats as conquering the world, but as she said in the episode, “If you’re not first, you’re last!” making her determination clear. Cyrus’ perfectionist attitude, and passion for music is one of the more revealing aspects of the documentary. Cyrus makes a point of noting that she is behind all of the decisions involved with her music career, she is an artist who will not settle for second best. She has a team of support around her the entire time, including her mother, Tish Cyrus,  who she refers to her as “homie” in the episode. There is no mention of ex fiancee, Liam Hemsworth, or father, Billy Ray Cyrus throughout the episode and we can only assume it is because they are not, or never were apart of the Miley movement.

miley the movement

Throughout the hour you witness Cyrus battle with sickness, sleepless nights, rehearsals, back stage preparations and travelling to a ridiculous amount of destinations in short periods of time. Miley Cyrus is definitely prepared to work overtime to make her movement a reality, and it seems she would not have it any other way “I was born to become who I am right now. … I’m at a point in my career where I can be exactly what I want to be, who I want to be. I have this freedom to do whatever I want.” She said in one of the interview segments of the documentary. She may have a lot of haters, but she is definitely making an impact on the music industry and pushing the boundaries of pop music.

Miley Cyrus  is becoming a music icon, and transforming her identity in the process. “Miley: The Movement” portrays Cyrus as a confident, creative young woman who is discovering herself and embracing music full time with a mass of millions wanting to witness her life. The documentary had 1.6 million US viewers tuning in to the television special, and Cyrus was adamant that her personal reinvention is not just about her new album Bangerz. It is a Miley movement and she is planning global domination!

“It’s an army, moving at once, pushing the boundaries, being new and creative,” Cyrus tells the camera. “It’s bigger than just a record, it represents taking over the world.”

miley cyrus

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