Q&A: Sticky Fingers – They’re home from Europe, and they’ve got Crabs!

Sticky Fingers Amsterdam 2013 pic by Renee Joppe

Sydney boys Sticky Fingers have just returned home to Australia for their Freddy Crabs tour. In promotion of their new single ‘Freddy Crabs’, the band are set to play a number of gigs from September through to November. After spending a few months abroad the Sticky Finger’s guys have a string of achievements to boast about. They had the single, ‘Caress Your Soul’ added to two different European radio stations and showed Europe what Aussies are made of, playing a massive 30 gigs in only 40 days! If you are in Brisbane you can catch them live at the Island Vibe Festival on Stradbroke Island, October 25th.

Q. Welcome home to Australia guys, how were your months abroad in Europe?

Europe was tip top dudes, thanks for asking. With the amount of shows in our time abroad it didn’t leave us room for sight seeing. Spent most of the time either on the highway, onstage, or out cold. But after that experience we wouldn’t wanna travel any other way. Being the first time over there it was pretty rough as guts getting around but mostly a whole lot of fun. Cant wait to get back over there early next year.

Q. What was it like touring Europe and playing 30 gigs in 40 days? 
Pretty wild to be honest. Some nights we’d play a show, then have to straight away load up the van and drive across up to four borders in order to get the next gig. And only make it on the knick of time. We were pretty hagged a lot of the trip. And relied a lot on our unique blend of Aussie/ Kiwi/ Brazilian social skills to make friends and crash at peoples houses. If [we failed] in that department it was petrol stations and parks.
Q. How did it feel when you found out ‘Caress Your Soul’ had been added to Amsterdam’s 3FM and France’s RTL2 radio rotations?
It just goes to show how truly important it is to hit the road. Our relentless touring over the past three years has been largely whats gained us the attention which we are now very grateful to have. Punters and press look at your stacked up tour dates and then see you like the real deal. Not just some half arsed Uni student indie band thats gonna give up in a few years to pursue their career as an architect. Those types just get in the way of bands who are actually going for it. Playing it out like the real fucking deal. Also when bands tour you suddenly become relevant to areas you previously weren’t. Due to the simple fact that you are going to physically be there. We always make an effort to engage our fans in the flesh.
Q. Can you tell the story about Paddy getting backhanded by the drunk French booker? 
Haha yeah sure. This is me (Paddy) writing this thing so I can tell you my experience first hand. It was our first night in France and we’d met up with our French booker Gerard, who hated us at first, but ended up being best mates with the dude by the end of the trip. We didn’t have a show the night arrived, so Gerard took us out on the town. The town being Lille by the way. He took us to one of those Walkabout Aussie bars and being culturally relevant to it’s decor we drowned in free liquor for the evening. Later that night Sticky drummer boy Beaks was getting really wild in the bar and I could see Gerard getting pissed off. I went over to Beaks and tried to tell him to chill out, but since I was pretty out of it as well the two of us ended up in a wrestle falling over tables, knocking glasses off tables and the like. Gerard came running over, yelled something incomprehensible and gave me a big old French backhand. It was really funny.
Q. What was your most memorable gig in Europe? 
Personally I’m real big on Britpop. So I was pretty chuffed to sell out the Barlfy in London. A joint the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses used to play way back in the day. More locally this is also where Jet and The Vines played their first ever show in the UK. The blokes who ran the place were legendary too and hosted us a mad after party in the residential area on the top floor with all our new friends.
Q. We all know the band can get a bit crazy, what mischief did you get up to overseas? 
Stole a bike off some chavs and nearly got stabbed. Got drunk with trailer park bikies. Cops shut down an outdoor gig we were half way through, and a chick was so into it she payed them off se we could keep going. Had a super safe backseat brawl travelling down the highway. Had a competition to see who could go without showering the longest (Dylan won).
Q. Your music is a unique blend of psychedelic, roots and pop. Do you have any musical influences?
Of course, like all bands, we have plenty of musical influences. We’ve actually nearly finished demoing album No. 2. And for the first time we have really honed in on these influences. The new songs have the beats of Gorillaz, choruses of Oasis, tones of the Chilli Peppers, and of course the vibe and heart of our own.
Q. Finally, is the film clip for the ‘Freddy Crabs’ single a portrayal of real life events?
It is and it isn’t. For a long time our keys player (Freddy Crabs) was more a hired gun rather than a member of the band. At some stage this changed and its kind of hard to pin-point when it happened. Was all very natural you see. Anyways we wanted to make a clip that gave Crabs a big role too and show you an artistic portrayal of how it all went down. Two bottles of gin, a mobile phone, and 12 hour drive later …
Sticky Finger’s sound is whimsical and seductive; somehow the odd combination of genres throughout their music works perfectly. They have definitely been on a lot of adventures over the years as a band and their new single, ‘Freddy Crabs’along with their Australian tour dates, is their way of celebrating with us!

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