Miley Cyrus Releases “23” and Tries Her Hand at Rapping


By now, everyone with access to the internet or radio knows who Miley Cyrus is. Cyrus has released the video for ’23’ and declared (through the lyrics) that she’s “naughty by nature”. A tribute to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, the pop star stays true to her new bad-ass reputation by wearing next to no clothes and lighting up a cigarette as she struts on to the scene; however, she’s wearing a Chanel cuff – go figure. Set in a high school, the clip was produced by Mike Will Made It and features rappers Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J of 3 Six Mafia. Miley also attempts to rap the verses and fails.

Unfortuately, more media exposure was given to the controversial songstress after her MTV VMA performance, than the execution of 11 members of the Unhasu Orchestra in North Korea. I think certain members of the global community need to re-evaluate their interests. At least she’s not riding a wrecking ball naked?

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