BIGSOUND Live: Wednesday Night Part 2

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BIGSOUND Live is pretty intense. 2 nights, 12 venues, 120 bands & artists. Each act has only 30 minutes to showcase their stuff to fans, music lovers and industry professionals a like. There’s a bit of something for everyone, with it definitely being one of the coolest annual events to hit Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. If you haven’t read part 1 of Mind The Music‘s Wednesday night, check it out here now!

My schedule was jam packed with a variety of must see artists. Some I missed out on, some I only caught the ending of their set, and others were lucky enough to manage to keep me in their venue for their entire set.

Here’s a little list & an overview of the bands & artists I checked out on night 1 of BIGSOUND Live.



One day you’ll be reading an article about Lakyn and it won’t have any mention of his reality tv past, like Matt Corby, Lisa Mitchell and Owl Eyes. Yet because only 18 months have past since his television debut, naturally people are still going to bring it up. What makes Lakyn so special is that he is far from your stereotypical commercially moulded artist that are churned out by these cut throat programs. He’s doing his own thing and making it work. All the way from Melbourne he graced the small stage at The Press Club, performing to an intimate crowd in an intimate venue. It was the perfect setting for his husky voice and acoustic guitar laden tracks. He played a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Forest Gump’, joked about his electric guitar skills, promising everyone that he hadn’t just learned how to play, and sampled a few new tracks. What’s endearing about seeing Lakyn perform live is his stage presence. There’s no extremities to it whatsoever, he’s stripped back, honest, raw and at times little awkward with banter. Something that you would never expect from a 20 something year old skater boy.

Cub Sport


It’d be no surprise that I’m a huge cubbies fan. MTM contributors are too (read articles here, here, here & here). I’m one of those individuals still completely devastated over their abrupt name change (thanks Cub Scouts Australia, c#@kheads). I feel as if they’ll forever be Cub Scouts to all the fans who showed up to see them rock the Channel [V] stage at Conistan Lane. Cub Sport are a 5 piece that just ooze cool indie pop vibes. You can’t help but fall in love with front man Tim Nelson’s child like innocence and his melting vocals. They played all the crowds favourites including ‘Do You Hear’ which was written after one of Tim’s friends got really drunk and said mean things to him, ‘Pool’, which was written about breaking into a public swimming pool, their latest release ‘Paradise’ and oldies ‘Told You So’ & ‘Evie’. The Brisbane locals packed out Conistan Lane, had everyone dancing and singing along, and managed to put on a mighty fine show.


Dune Rats

Dune Rats

Even though I technically didn’t see Dune Rats play, I certainly heard a chunk of the last half of their Bigsound set. Based on how amazing they sounded and how jam packed the Electric Playground was during their set, I thought it was a necessity to include them in this overview. Brisbane band Dune Rats are well known for their on stage antics, if you’ve tagged along to one of their shows, read any gig reviews or have checked out their youtube channel then you’d understand. Dunnies’ garage punk rock tracks always get the crowd screaming along; their songs are short, infectious and memorable. Though I didn’t catch much of their set or even physically see them playing their instruments, I’d highly recommend checking them out. Especially after you see their rip off of DZ Deathrays’ film clip to ‘The Mess Up’.



Labelled the modern day Von Trapp family, Stonefield are the Findlay sisters, 4 sisters who’ve turned garage jam sessions into an on stage reality. The Victorian girls were raised on Led Zeppelin & Hendrix and you can certainly hear these influences in their tracks. Their set at The Zoo proved to be a crowd pleaser with many audience members head banging along to their favourite tracks. Front woman & eldest sister Amy manages to put on a show beyond her years with energy that’s so upbeat that a down moment was never in mind. There’s no criticism of Stonefield’s music here because it’s hard to fault the nostalgia of listening to our dad’s old records back in the 90s, however there are questions of authenticity. Every artist will come across some “know it all” who’ll question this factor & it’s always hard to pinpoint what exactly it is. It might be the paradox of young fresh faced ladies taking on board old school rock in the 2013, my publicity mind thinking about their selling points a little too hard or the fact that we’re yet to see any true personality from them. However, they know how to put on a solid set, write pretty fly music and Amy owns some pretty insane vocal chords.

The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton are a local Brisbane band who’ve been making airwaves on the J for a little while now. They’ve toured North America, have played SXSW and not so long ago released their new album Rookie. I caught the end of their set at Oh Hello! on Wednesday night at the Triple J Unearthed stage and, as an independent 5 piece, they certainly did the J proud. TWTT play alternate rock occasionally mixed with a little folk. There’s a sense of maturity and beauty prevalent in the music this bunch creates. They managed to fill the venue and had the crowd dancing along all whilst Thomas Calders vocals blessed our ears with its beauty. David spoke to Ritchie, the band’s drummer a little while ago, so I’d suggest getting to know them a little better here.

Bleeding Knees Club

Alex Wall Bleeding Knees Club

Reigning from the Gold Coast, Bleeding Knees Club consists of Alex Wall & Jordan Malone… oh and their drummer Matt Woods. They play garage punk rock tracks filled with 90s nostalgia that are just plain rough around the edges. They’re the type of band you either love or hate because of their “I don’t give a fuck” kind of attitude. Take reference to their Facebook page with the comment below someone left underneath a picture of Alex’s smashed up guitar.

BKC FB abuse

A set that contains abuse, guitar troubles, a moshing crowd, crowd surfing with a guest appearance from a short gnome like old fella named Seamus who rocks the tambourine, ticks all the boxes for a hectic show. This 30 minute set is my day 1 highlight, why? because Alex Wall knows how to put on one hell of a show. The crowd was hooked on every word he said. The fact that he was calling Regurgitators guitar techs “fucking faggots” and to have that mirrored by the crowd proves he’s like the messiah of dickheads. It was actually beautiful, in the most bogan Australian way possible.

Bleeding Knees Club @ BIGSOUND

My Wednesday night at BIGSOUND Live was pretty amazing and a whole stack of fun, so I thought I’d leave you with a little playlist filled with tracks from each act I saw. Enjoy!

David covered Part 1 of BIGSOUND Live’s Wednesday Night, be sure to read it here.

Also stay tuned for Thursday Night’s Part 1 & 2 coming soon. Like Mind The Music on Facebook to stay in the loop!

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