WATCH: Australian Federal Election Remixes

Australia Federal Election Rudd v Abbott

Tomorrow, Australians over the age of 18 will be heading down to their locals schools, churches or community centres to have their say in who gets the chance to run our country for the next 3 years (unless another caucus meeting takes place).

Let’s face it, Australians basically have the choice between the man who was booted out of Prime Minister-ship in 2010 or the budgie smuggler wearing man who’s flaunted his attractive daughters as a part of his political campaign.

We understand politics isn’t for everyone, so to get you in the voting spirit, we’ve found some of the internet’s best Oz poli remixes for you to enjoy! There’s a little Daft Punk, a little Kylie Minogue, Skrillex & some Willow Smith… enjoy!

2 responses to “WATCH: Australian Federal Election Remixes

  1. With Abbott about to become Australia’s face and voice on the international stage, I feel totally embarrassed to be an Australian.

    His performance and presentation will be what all other nations judge us on for the next 3 years, and I’d bet, even the rusted-on believers will become uneasy, and lower their heads to their chest.

    Regardless of who anyone votes for, there’s a damn good chance we’ll end up with a bunch of politicians in charge and, looking at the available talent, this is a major problem for Australia.

    Australians have 3 year now to find good honest decent people with leadership qualities, and encourage them to run for parliament. If enough good ones get involved they will swamp the entrenched crud which currently controls both major partys.

    Maybe we need a coalition of independents, dunno !!



    • You definitely raise some good points there! I tend to stray from discussing my political beliefs online (too many people get worked up over it), but I definitely am in agreeance with you on some of the points raised in your comment 🙂

      In regards to Abbott, he definitely needs to work on his performance & presentation. He gets too choked up and flustered half the time thanks to journos digging to get the information that the Australian public want and need to know. In saying this though, he does make an excellent target for these kinds of video remixes!

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