NEWS: Inaugral BIGSOUND Music+Design program geared to impress


Who says Brisbane doesn’t get nice things?  For 2013, BIGSOUND is launching its inaugural Music+Design program, which explores music’s relationship to a multitude of design strands, including:
–         Interactive design
–         Graphic design
–         Industrial design
–         Architecture
–         Production
–         Fashion
–         Film

The event, which takes place on the 10th and 11th of September, aims to promote greater understanding and collaboration between the two industries.  The curator of the event Romy Willing believes the relationship is highly symbiotic: “The spheres of music and design continually intersect, fueling each other’s creativity, innovation, and consumption. The alchemy of the two has profound influence over cult trends and popular culture.”

BIGSOUND Music+Design is something that can only benefit creators from both sides, especially with it becoming increasingly harder for bands to differentiate from one another without distinct design elements across all areas.

Nick cave

Nick cave

Better yet, the keynote interviewee for the event is none other than Nick Cave, who will be streaming in via satellite.  If you don’t know who Nick Cave is, well you probably wouldn’t be going to BIGSOUND anyway!  The first day of the event will also feature Vello Virkhaus from V Squared Labs, a talented VJ and production designer.  The man is an expert is designing visual elements, and his client history boasts Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Skrillex.

There’s a whole stack of impressive names (click here), including Brisbane’s very own renowned producer Magoo, and band manager Paul Curtis.  There’s also Natasha Pincus, who directed the music video for a song you may have heard: ‘Somebody That I Used To Know.’

Aside from the huge array of speakers, there will also be showcases, notably the Artisan Beer and Design Showcase.  This experience promises hand built motorcycles, virtual reality and the best of Australian’s design talent – plus of course, beer.

If you’ve already bought your BIGSOUND ticket, then you’ll be able to get in on the Music+Design event.  You can also grab a Music+Design individual pass for $295.  For more details, click here.

And of course, BIGSOUND will be here in all its glory on September 10th and 11th, don’t miss it!

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