Q&A – BIGSOUND Live, Harvest of Gold, Falls Festival & “that name” with Gossling!


Remember that 360 song ‘Boys Like You’? You know, that track that hit number 3 on the ARIA charts back in 2012. Well the killer female vocals from that particular song belong to the wonderful Helen Croome aka Gossling. She’s more than just that girl from 360’s record (& no doubt would probably be sick of being known for the one time collab), she’s an extremely talented artist who creates some of the most touching and beautiful tracks I’ve ever heard. It’s not obvious at all that I have a little bit of girl crush on this lady. If you’ve never had a listen to her EPs Intentional Living, If You Can’t Whistle and Until Then you probably should.

At the beginning of the week Gossling dropped this little gem of a synth inspired track ‘Never Expire’, so it only seems fair that I share with you now the little Q&A I was lucky enough to have with Gossling thanks to BIGSOUND Live being right around the corner here in Brisbane. I got to ask her a few random questions to do with BIGSOUND, her upcoming new album, Falls Festival and what’s behind her moniker.

M: Welcome back to BIGSOUND, you were last here in 2011, what’s brought you back?

G: I loved playing at Bigsound in 2011. The crowd was incredible and the general buzz about the festival is fantastic. I played in solo mode last time so I’m really excited to get the invitation to come back with a full band this time around.

M: What exciting things are currently going on in the world of Gossling?

G: I’m releasing a debut album! So a lot of things going on around that. We have festival appearances at Falls over the Summer, which will be great. We are working on a run of headline shows too, but you will have to stay tuned for more info on that one. There could potentially be some overseas travel on the cards too.

M: You’ve got a few EPs currently under your belt, what made you finally decide to record an album?

G: I never felt in any rush to record a full length album. I feel like I needed to make those 3 EPs before attempting to make an LP. I needed those releases to develop my sound before working out exactly what I wanted to say on an album.

M: So if I am correct, BIGSOUND Live audiences will get to have a sneak peak at a couple of tracks from your upcoming debut album. For those who can’t make it to BIGSOUND, what can they look forward to hearing from you from this new album of yours?

G: It’s probably a bit more pop than previous EPs. There are a fair amount of synth and electronic drums that have never really been a feature of the Gossling sound before. There are definitely still some slower, ballads that follow on from the EPs. I just can’t wait to get it out into the world and share it.

M: Congratulations on securing a position at Falls Festival, with the addition of Byron Bay being added to the festivals locations, we’d love to know which location are you most looking forward to playing?

G: I don’t think I have a favourite. The guys in my band and I are really looking forward to experiencing all of the festival locations and playing to each of the crowds. I’m not a huge fan of humid weather, so maybe weather wise I’m more looking forward to Marion Bay. I’m a big fan of Tasmania and visit as often as I can.

M: Finally, to ease my curiosity… where’d the name Gossling originate?

G: It’s a name that I created from my Grandmother’s maiden name.  It was a bit of a protection mechanism, I wanted a name I could hide behind a little in the beginning. Performing as Gossling also gave me the option to play solo or with a band.

Huge thanks to Gossling for taking the time out to reply to my questions! What a gem!
Gossling’s debut album Harvest of Gold is set to be release November 1st.
You can purchase ‘Never Expire’ is available to purchase via iTunes.
You can find more about & keep up to date with Gossling here.Gossling will be performing at BIGSOUND Live on the 12th of September, be sure to get your tickets to BIGSOUND Live here because it’s going to be one hell of an amazing 2 days!

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