Bree De Rome Announces ‘Bag of Bones’ EP Tour & New Video!


Gold Coast beauty Bree De Rome is a far cry from your normal teenager. She’s a talented girl with a big voice and a very bright future. Having studied a Bachelor of Popular Music from the ripe age of 16, her debut EP and headline tour have been a long time coming.

The young songstress has been sitting on the EP for a little while now and couldn’t contain her excitement when telling me about the video release for ‘Better Luck’ and upcoming tour. The ‘Bag of Bones EP Tour’ will see Bree De Rome and The Keeps playing special headline shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in support of her debut EP.


‘Better Luck’ is a great first single off the soon to be released Bag of Bones EP and couldn’t be a better expression of her bubbly personality. The song emanates everything that is ‘Bree De Rome’, from the delicate and mellow vocals reminiscent of Patsy Kline, to instrumentation that is clearly influenced by The Kinks and The Zombies. The 60s inspired singer describes herself as an ‘old soul’; while the other kids on the school bus were listening to Top 40 tracks, she grew up listening to the likes of The Beatles and Johnny Cash. No wonder this girl’s got style.

It’s hard to put a positive spin on being “shit outta luck” but somehow, Bree De Rome does it. In the same way, the video for ‘Better Luck’ couldn’t be a more perfect visual representation of her individual style and charming charisma. Beginning with Bree walking down a lonely street singing ‘Better Luck’, she is soon joined by a myriad of people who come and go but are always slightly out of place. The clip ends with everyone coming together, singing and dancing, just as you should be when you listen to this track. If you come a point when you’ve got “better luck falling down a wishing well”, I suggest you listen to this song.

Catch Bree De Rome and the Keeps at the following dates:
Friday September 20th at The Waiting Room Brisbane
Saturday September 21st at The Loft, Gold Coast

Supported by Belltalk, Talltails and Altais

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