WATCH: The Jungle Giants brand new video ‘Skin to Bone’

Giants press

“I love you guys more than I love life itself.”  That’s the last comment I read on the Facebook post for the link to The Jungle Giants new video, epitomising the current attitude towards the Brisbane four-piece.  ‘Skin to Bone’ is the second single from the band’s forthcoming debut album Learn to Exist, scheduled for release on August 30.

The song itself shows off more of the band’s quirky, existential direction that they’ve taken for the new album.   This track and the band’s previous hit ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be‘ boast a really refined sound that shows the band have discovered who they are.  Sam Hales intensifies his use of rhythmic, syllabic vocals whilst his reliable rhythm section creates the driving beat that makes the song another sure dance favourite.

Unlike the previous video clip, ‘Skin to Bone’ takes a new animated direction, with chalk-like figures somewhat disturbingly losing their skin amongst kaleidoscopic explosions.  Still, the song is called ‘Skin to Bone’ so I was forewarned.  It’s impossible to stop watching, it’s that hypnotic, with a forlorn ending that underscores the song’s meaning.

You can stream the new album by following the instructions on the The Jungle Giant’s Facebook page.  You can also catch them at this year’s BIGSOUND live: Bakery Lane at 10:30pm, Thursday September 12.  The band also have a national tour in October, check out the poster below for dates.  Tickets go on sale next Friday.


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