BIGSOUND Live Artists To See

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 3.07.34 PMEvery year the BIGSOUND Live lineup gets bigger and better which means on September 12 and 13, 2013, Fortitude Valley will be set alight by some of the biggest names in music! The lineup for BIGSOUND Live is stupidly good and we must all give a big round of applause to Bigsound programmer Graham Ashton for somehow organising the some of the world’s best artists and most successful industry professionals to congregate in our humble hometown of Brisbane. We at Mind The Music thought that it was only right for each of us to give our lovely readers some suggestions as to who we think you should see. For the full lineup details click here and you can buy tickets to BIGSOUND Live here.


The calibre of artists playing at BIGSOUND Live is incredible so after much deliberation I ended up having to narrow down my selection criteria to the acts I haven’t seen play. Therefore, Willow Beats is the artist that I am most looking forward to seeing at BIGSOUND Live. The uncle-neice duo, otherwise known as Narayana and Kalyani Johnson, are at the forefront of an electric new style of electronic music. Infusing psychedelic trip-hop sounds with subtle dubstep beats, all the while creating tracks that have the commercial appeal of a catchy pop song. Kalyani’s alternative angelic voice couldn’t be a better match the eclectic sounds. I love how the pair play around with unconventional noises and can’t wait to see how their live show plays out. 

With well over 100 bands in the BIGSOUND Live lineup, choosing which artists to see is pretty damn hard.  Some of my immediate affirmatives were: Hey Geronimo, Megan Washington, Halfway, and Sheppard, just to name a few.  But the must see for me is The Jungle Giants.  I’m still buzzing from the amazing performance they delivered at Oh Hello a few weeks ago.  And with an new album due out in September, there will be plenty of new music to catch from them.  This song is my favorite track from their EP ‘She’s a Riot’ and it’s fucking brilliant live.

Huge line ups of quality bands and artists overwhelms me like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes some pretty tough decisions have to be made just to fit in all your favourites. These decisions however, normally fit around those acts that you quite frankly couldn’t live with yourself if you missed their set. The BIGSOUND Live lineup is riddled with too many of my faves at the moment yet somehow I can still manage to choose my absolute must see. Lime Cordiale. There’s something infectious about Lime Cordiale that just makes me want to dance like a hipster & with their EP Falling Up The Stairs due out sometime soon, who wouldn’t want to potentially catch some new tunes from these talented boys? Sam Shakspeare wrote about the video release of  ‘Bullshit Aside’ a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d share with you ‘Pretty Girl’ from their 2012 EP Faceless Cat – one of my current EPs on rotation.

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