Avaberée, Iluka & MTNS @ Black Bear Lodge 01.08.13


Brisbane a cappella trio Avaberée make beautiful sounds. Last week saw the girls (Aimee Cavanagh, Genevieve Bufalino and Irena Lysiuk) release their second single ‘Running Out‘ before embarking on their most extensive tour to date, playing eight venues along the east coast.

Unfortunately I missed MTNS (pronounced Mountains) but word on the street is that they were pretty damn good. I only caught Iluka‘s last couple of songs but it’s quite obvious why she is supporting Avaberée on their tour; her voice was fantastic and was supported by a great band. She can also pull off a tight, full-length, long sleeve, ugly patterned dress and rock it like it’s nobody’s business.

I had seen Avaberée play once before but it was a corporate gig and they weren’t given the attention that they deserved. This time around the girls showed a genuine appreciation to everyone who came out to watch them play, thanking the crowd several times.

If you were to listen to an Avaberée song, you might appreciate the composition and beautiful vocals but they are so much more than that. Until you see this group play live, it’s hard to understand the multitude of layers there are in every song and the musical versatility of each girl. All three band members can hold their own; with a great stage presence and vast mix of musical talent they chatted to the audience, swapped instruments, played with vocal loops and sung beautiful harmonies.  The crowd was intoxicated by their sound and hung off every word.

‘Running Out’ shows that Avaberee have honed in on their sound; however, they played old and new songs, showing the transformation that the band has made since their humble beginnings. Based on pure talent, Avaberee’s single launch at Black Bear Lodge is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. If you haven’t seen them play, I suggest you do. Tour dates are listed below.


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