WATCH: Blur live at Hyde Park 2012

I make no secret that Britpop is my favorite genre.  So when Ken West announced Blur as one of the headliners for Big Day Out 2014, I followed my immediate gut feeling and Youtube’d the shit out of them (rightly so).  The song ‘Tender’ has long been one of my favorites, with it’s powerful rhythm and heartfelt lyrics.  It’s a huge crowd-pleaser too as you can see from this video.

People start singing the lyrics back at the band as soon as the riff kicks in.  Even as the songs ends, the crowd just keep on singing.  Check out 6:38, where an emotional Damon Albarn sings with the audience, without instrumentation.  It’s a truly beautiful moment, for an undeniably beautiful song.  I cannot wait to see this performed next year!

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