INTERVIEW: Sahara Beck


The incredibly talented Sahara Beck managed to squeeze in some time to answer a few questions for me before her appearance this weekend at 4 Walls Festival. Seventeen year old Sahara took part in the Indie 100 earlier this year and has just released the beautiful track ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’.  For more insight into her music, check out her video interview with Dave Young at the end of the page!

Finally, for those on the Sunshine Coast, Sahara is also playing at the Café Envy in Mooloolaba this evening and the Caloundra Music Festival on October 5.

It seems you’ve been going non-stop this year.  What’s been most memorable about 2013 so far?
There’s so many things that I will remember from this year, it’s been so great. I am definitely excited to be in the Queensland Music Awards again this year, and to be around so many talented and supportive people.

I really like ‘C’mon Man You’re Dead’, the track you did for the Indie 100 in May.  What or who was that song about?
I wrote ‘C’mon Man You’re Dead’ about a few people that I have come across in my life who continuously control people with fear. They don’t realise that even though they have the power to manipulate people through lies and hate, sooner or later their lies will unfold and people will start to see them for who they are an begin to turn on them.

You’ve just released the beautiful ‘Bang, Bang, Bang.’ Can we expect an EP from you soon?
I am releasing my EP in October, which will be very exciting to share with the music world!

What works for you when you write songs? 
Sometimes I will sit down to write a song and it will take me ten minutes. Sometimes it will take me hours. I think other people around me are inspiring an important part of writing my music, whether they are my friends, other musicians or just complete strangers.

Do you have any tips for other young musicians?
Always keep an eye out for something that is simple but effective.  Even if it’s just a small thing that changed your outlook on something. Another tip I also have (which I constantly tell myself) is to be patient. Sometimes it can take a long time to get a song just right. That doesn’t mean you should stop and throw it away because it’s not coming fast enough, and therefore it must not be “very good”.

 If you could collaborate with anyone on a song, who would it be and why?
I would love to do a collaboration with The Cat Empire. I’ve always admired how much hard work and talent they have put into their music. Felix and Harry are very amazing song-writers whose music I have grown up with. It would be interesting to see what we would come up with!

Thanks Sahara!

The Cat Empire: please read this and write a song with Sahara!  The world wants it.

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