INTERVIEW: Meg Haycroft (YMI) on 4 Walls Festival


Meg Haycroft from Youth Music Industries (YMI) was kind enough to give me the low down on 4 Walls Festival, which is happening THIS Saturday!  You can still grab tickets here.

It’s great to see ‘4 Walls’ back again.  What do you think makes the festival so successful?
It’s such a great opportunity for under aged music lovers to have a fun day/night out seeing some of the hottest Brisbane acts out on music scene. 20+ bands for only $30, over 4 stages so you won’t miss a thing and an entire level decked out for socialising, food, merch and DJs.

With such a shortage of gigs and sources of entertainment for the under age youth of Brisbane, it’s the perfect way to give them the opportunity to see a heap of their favourite bands all in one day and at such a discounted price!

How do the local youth get involved?  What aspects of the festival do they get to organise?
Four Walls Festival is run by Youth Music Industries – a youth run organisation. The main roles of any festival include: event management, marketing, media, admin and artist liaison to name a few, and these are all lead by members of the YMI team. It’s such a fulfilling opportunity to get real life, professional experience in the music industry and the business side of things.

What are the main challenges facing students when they head into the industry?
I think the main problem is that once students leave high school, they find that what they learnt may have helped them to be a musician, but the average educational systems lack the ability to teach students the industry and what it takes to be both a musician and a music industry person. What’s great about YMI is that it is a music industry education through real world, professional experience with a creative and supportive framework.

How would you like to see ‘4 Walls’ evolve in future years?
What makes Four Walls unique is that it has  both outdoors and in doors stages setting it  apart from most music festivals – I’d love to see Four Walls evolve more in that aspect, expanding on venues and size.

Imagine I’ve never heard of any Brisbane bands.  What makes Brisbane music special?
I think there’s a real community with Brisbane music – everyone seems to know everyone. There’s a lot of collaboration between artists in the Brisbane music scene and that really comes across in their sound and the influences in the music.

Thanks Meg!

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