NEW: Jake Bugg – Broken


Australia has finally caught wind of British singer songwriter Jake Bugg and, as you’ll read from Morgan’s review of his recent show at The Metro Theatre in Sydney, he’s got the music world talking. The 19 year old wonder child, dubbed ‘Mr Charisma’, has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, so he’s got a fair bit to live up to. ‘Broken’ is a song of love and loss and, as the first single his self titled debut album, Bugg’s songwriting ability is well beyond his years, with lyrics ring that ring true to anyone who’s ever lost out in love.

I’m surprised at just how popular this 60s-style music has become. Some may class it as old-style rock but to me it’s country folk, a sound that is similar to that of Johnny Flynn, an artist I suggest you check out if you’re a fan of Jake Bugg. Listen and watch the video for ‘Broken’ below, as well as the Jake Bugg album. 

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