WATCH: Snakadaktal – Hung On Tight


Snakadaktal have released a very confronting video for the first single off their upcoming album Sleep In The Water, due out August 2nd. From the very beginning ‘Hung On Tight’ is full-on, starting with a boy waking up in an ice bath after having his kidney removed. He stumbles aimlessly through the house, weaving through remnants and people from the night before. When the bridge come in he begins singing and then collapses on the floor and is resuscitated by the ambulance.

Snakadaktal have created a fantastic video for a really great song. The video is a great reflection of the melancholy mood of the song, with it’s dreary vocals and droning guitar. I was made to think about what the lyrics meant, but I think their interpretation would be different for everyone. Although it’s not upbeat and light-hearted, I can’t get ‘Hung On Tight’ out of my head. I’m really looking forward to what this young band has in store for Sleep In The Water.

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