Kanye’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD Goes Interactive

KanyeIn between beating up paparazzi and mistaking a compass for a book of baby names, it’s easy to forget that Kanye West actually makes good stuff.  The video for his latest single ‘BLKKK SKKKN HEAD’ is a nightmarish, animated video featuring a rendered Kanye bouncing aggressively in the shadows.  Unexpected close ups, snarling dogs and KKK references keep the tension high, and I should not have watched it at 1am in the dark.


But what makes the video especially unique is the interactive features which allow the viewer adjust the tempo of the song (along with the clip), as well as take a snapshot of cartoon Kanye’s various poses.  You’ll have to find the hidden buttons though, by navigating the screen with a pointer hand giving you the finger.  I’d hoped for a little bit more on an interactive music video, after all it’s a growing trend that recognises video in its new medium: computers and tablets. Nonetheless, the video and song are both superb enough that I can simply get freaked out enjoy watching it as it is.

Check it out at www.kaynewest.com

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