Eden Mulholland – Feed The Beast

Eden Mulholland

What happens when you let an extremely creative former contemporary dancer and member of New Zealand’s indie pop band Motocade in to a music studio?

Feed The Beast is born.

Eden Mulholland’s solo debut album Feed The Beast in its entirety is a concoction of genres that weirdly melt together seamlessly. Eden pushes the boundaries musically and lyrically just enough to produce an album that’s clever, entertaining, creative and rather intriguing. If you’re an indie pop lover, heavy drum beat enthusiast, dig the sounds of Random Access Memories, or just love yourself a bit of folk music then Feed The Beast has something for you. I did say it was a weird combination… The album itself though has been glazed with quite a somber nature, despite the power behind some of the tracks. It’s perfect for cold winter days or rainy weather.

As Feed The Beast is filled with such a variety of different sounds, choosing stand outs tracks has been rather difficult – I’m cursed with the idea that the more you listen, the more you appreciate the tracks that you somewhat ignored earlier. Besides the released singles, ‘I Will Echo‘ & ‘Blue Print‘ which are definite must listens, there’s one track that stands out the absolute most… only because it legitimately creeps me out, yet it’s so god damn perfect all at the same time – ‘Such A Shame You Must Die’. It’s spooky, it’s haunting and as the name of the song suggests it’s basically Eden saying he’s going to kill you. The lyrics are vengeful yet the piece is beautiful, a creepy beautiful, but beautiful none the less. This is the track that put Feed The Beast into perspective for me. The push of creativity came alive when I first listened to the track… it was believable, which naturally was scary as hell. That push of creativity, that push of the boundaries made me rethink about the album and dig deeper into this creative pit of goodness. It was the trigger to flick the “I can’t get enough of this album” switch.

When it comes to Feed The Beast, expect lengthy instrumental openings, tracks that a contemporary dancer would go to heaven on if used for choreography, Eden’s soft higher registered vocals, powerful drum beats softened by stellar piano sounds and layers, lots of layers. It’s a creative explosion worth the listen.

Eden Mulholland is currently touring the east coast of Australia with David Bridie. You can find tour dates and more information here.

Feed The Beast - Eden Mulholland

2 responses to “Eden Mulholland – Feed The Beast

  1. Great review and great artist. Cheers for exposing me to a new talent, I really dig the mixtures of electronic sounds and organic sounds too. I will echo is a tune, kind of like Tom Vek.

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