Dubmarine release ‘Spearchukka’


Brisbane eight-piece Dubmarine have just dropped a single from their upcoming second album Laser Sound Beam, which is due out on August 8.

‘Spearchukka’ is a powerful, reggae/dub track with an equally powerful message behind it. Singer and lyricist Kazman is a proud Gangalu man, and says Spearchukka is one of many insults thrown at indigenous Australians. He has used this song to put the spotlight on commercial whaling and as such, Dubmarine are donating 10% of sales of the single to conservation group Sea Shepherd.

Kazman says; “That whale is a totem animal for some of our people. If anything happened to that whale, if it was killed…it would hit people very hard.”

Dubmarine have just wrapped up their ‘Beat in Control’ single tour and have played the International Jazz Festival in Capetown.

Dubmarine are touring Queensland and New South Wales, starting August 9 at the HiFi in Brisbane.

Follow them on Facebook for more details.

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