The Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & Youth – Out Of Sight


After catching wind that Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots and Sir Paul McCartney were working on a collaboration many of us were left wondering what beauty or failure would come of it. ‘Out Of Sight’ still showcases the heavy electro beats that The Bloody Beetroots are know for; however, also features an instrumental breakdown mid-song, demonstrating Sir Bob’s versatility. The track is nowhere near as heavy as their last release ‘Spank’, with McCartney’s soulful lyrics bringing a whole new element.

The video itself is also awesome, assumedly set in a church from the stained glass windows. It shows scenes of sickly looking choir girls, lots of fire, Paul McCartney’s image on a box set TV, a multitude of instruments and that characteristic Bloody Beetroots mask.

With this, as well as the track from Skrillex featuring The Doors, who knows what inter-generational collaboration will come next. Regardless, this collaboration from the 2 sirs is a one for the ages. We’ll have to wait and see what other collaborations The Bloody Beetroots have in store with the release of their album on September 17 via Ultra Records.

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