Jackie Onassis Announces ‘Smoke Trails’ Tour

jacki o

After the success of their Holiday EP, Sydney duo Jackie Onassis have just announced a national tour, which will kick off in the Gold Coast on the 1st of August.  This is the first solo tour for the pair, and they will play in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales, including a show at WinterFest in Sydney.

It has been a busy year for these boys, as they’ve played shows at Big Day Out and Come Together festivals, as well as Great Escape Festival in the UK.  They spoke to Rip It Up in April about their music and their recent crazy times.

If you haven’t already listened to Holiday, you can download the full EP for free.  The single ‘Crystal Balling’ was a major hit late last year, and the current single ‘Smoke Trails’ is just as tight.  The title track ‘Holiday’ features Spit Syndicate, and is equally as catchy.  This is well-produced, high-quality Australian Hip Hop.

These guys have developed a reputation for their energetic performances, so be sure to check them out in August!

Check out full tour details and buy tickets here!  You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

My favourite track from the EP is ‘Smoke Trails’:

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