The Blackwater Fever release “Won’t Cry Over You”

the_blackwater_fever_bio_imageBrisbane locals The Blackwater Fever have released ‘Won’t Cry Over You’, the second single from their new album Depths.  The track opens with a cracking bass line before coming in full swing the band’s distinctive bluesy sound.  The song is a defiant promise to an ex flame, with the hyperbole of the broken-hearted:

The end of the last breath/The stars won’t shine no more//

The raw energy of the song drives home the emotion behind the lyrics, which are made serious with the thoughtful, angsty guitar solo.  The song features some cool guitar overdubs which create a bigger atmosphere without taking away from the driving beat.

The video for the song features beautiful bursts of red and blue, overlayed on tight close ups of the band and their instruments.  Focus tricks and unusual angles take the emphasis off the band members, leaving you to really appreciate that bluesy rhythm.  Keep watching for the creepy eyeball close up right before the solo.

The album Depths is the first to feature the band as a trio, and promises more dark, raw sounds.  The Blackwater Fever’s multi-talented vocalist and guitarist, Shane Hicks, mixed and produced the album, which in itself is amazing.  But to then achieve such a slick multi-genre production is pretty incredible.  Stream it for free on Bandcamp, and if you like what you hear, track the band on their websiteFacebook and Soundcloud.  You can also purchase their previous two albums on iTunes.

The Blackwater Fever embark on their ‘Won’t Cry Over You’ tour in August:

August 3: El Grande Festival, Gladstone (QLD)
August 16: The Zoo, Brisbane (QLD)
August 23: Spectrum, Sydney (NSW)
August 24: Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle (NSW)
September 6: Solbar, Maroochydore (QLD)


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