Major Leagues – “Endless Drain”

Major Leagues - Endless Drain

Just over a week ago Brisbane quartet Major Leagues dropped their third single “Endless Drain” for the world’s ears. Previous releases “Creeper” and “Teen Mums” are definitely rocking tracks (Teen Mums has the added bonus of a video clip with their friends eating their favourite foods… pure genius!) “Endless Drain” however is banging. It’s super short, super sweet garage indie surf pop. First time I heard the track all I could think of was road trips down to an unknown grungey beach in a rusty 70s station wagon, with retro circle framed sunglasses, knotted sun bleached hair, all your bestest buddies, an esky filled with some unknown labeled cider all filtered through an instagram filter, say like Amaro or Earlybird.

Major League

Only problem with “Endless Drain” is that it’s addictive. Once you’ve listened to it once, you’ve got to listen to it again. As cheesy as it may seem I’ve been dancing around my bedroom to it for about an hour now, so prepare yourself.

No doubt these fellows will be launching the single with some shows, so keep an eye out for any information over on Major Leagues Facebook page. In the meantime, have fun listening to “Endless Drain” and let me know if you danced around like a crazy person to its infectious sound either in the comments below or via twitter (@morgannjames).

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