Ellie Goulding Releases New Single ‘Burn’


There’s no pop artist quite like Ellie Goulding and her latest single ‘Burn’ once again proves that the girl’s got talent. After releasing an acoustic cover of ‘Need Your Love’ on Soundcloud, ‘Burn’ is a total change in pace and demonstrates her musical versatility. Written by Ryan Tedder (of One Republic) it’s a fantastic pop song, proving once again that the British songstress nails the fusion of electronic and pop genres.

The chorus is massive; starting out sweet and melodic before the bass kicks in to make way for a repeat of the title lyrics, “We’re gonna let it burn”. Her delicate vocals are rich with a texture that, along with an impressive range, make an captivating sound that is distinctly Ellie Goulding. This song is big and is sure to be a hit among pop and dance lovers alike.

‘Burn’ is the first of seven new tracks to be added to the Halcyon Days, the re-release of  Ellie’s recent album Halcyon.

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