Kanye West – Yeezus


Aside from his choice of name for his newborn baby, Kanye can do no wrong in my eyes.  Musically, Ye always seems to create these groundbreaking, original sounds, and Yeezus is no exception.  

Kanye always surprises, he seems to always be able to do whatever the fuck he wants and people love it.  In an interview with the New York Times, he talks about being a ‘black new wave artist’, and I think this description fits perfectly.  It’s like he has carved out his own genre.  Yeezus incorporates Reggae, EDM and R’n’B elements, dub and trap-like beats, blended with that signature Kanye Hip Hop sound.

Some tracks have that synthy sound that was on 808’s and Heartbreak, and ‘Hold My Liquor’ reminds me a tad of Ratatat.  It doesn’t seem as dark overall as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but there is still a certain angriness in the lyrics, and with tracks titled ‘I am a God’, it’s hard to deny the egotistical undercurrent in Yeezus.

Ten perfect tracks, each as good as the last, Yeezus = Masterpiece.

My favourite track: ‘Blood On The Leaves

In classic over the top Yeezy style, he debuts the first single projected onto a wall in New York.

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