Band’s New Video Lets You Choose How Drunk They Play

UK band Moones have taken the music video up a level with an interactive performance named ‘Drunk in Session.’ Viewers get to see the band play their song ‘Better Energy’ at increasing levels of inebriation. You can choose from the five amounts of beer the band has collectively drunk, from “No Beers” to “80 Beers.”  It’s well worth a watch at least once, if only to see the screw ups getting progressively worse.  Have fair warning: expect ear pain if you pick 80 beers – they are absolutely wasted after all!

The five takes are filmed with multiple cameras, so you can see the spectacle from different angles. Thanks to YouTube annotations, you can change the angles and sobriety levels whenever you want during the performance.  The song itself isn’t a chart wonder (although it’s recorded version is better), but you have to appreciate the attempt to do something beyond the norm.  Though not the first band to creatively use the internet for fan engagement, it’s certainly one of the most publicised attempts, with over 700,000 views racked up.  Hopefully this will spur other bands to come up with some creative ideas with their video narratives.  Especially with YouTube and Vevo heralding the future of the music video.

You can check out the making of ‘Drunk in Session’ here.

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