Avicii Goes Country With New Track

Everyone was questioning Avicii‘s sanity a few months back when he started endorsing country music (along with his ‘unsettling’ set at Ultra Music Festival) and the Swedish producer’s newest release supports the change of genre rumours. ‘Wake Me Up’ is a decent country song and could definitely bring about some change for the genre but there’s no doubt that the EDM world and Avicii fans will be torn over the track.

It’s been described as ‘progressive house with a twist’ and ‘folk house’ but either way, Aloe Blacc and Avicii’s collaboration has produced a hybrid-musical baby. Blacc’s soulful lyrics, an upbeat melody and catchy guitar riffs, plus Avicii’s distinct production style make for an interesting track, but one that’s popularity is very uncertain. Love it or hate it?

Judge me if you will BUT: Avicii + banjo and guitar + country twang vocals = a strange song that somehow works.

Listen to Avicii’s Ultra set below:

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