The Indie 100 – Artist Highlights (Part 2)

Indie100Another 51 songs have been uploaded to the Indie 100 Bandcamp page!  This means I’ve been able to write the second and final part of my Indie 100 artist highlights (part 1 is here).  There is another fantastic selection of songs, making it hard to pick a top ten yet again.  There seemed to be more diversity in this second offering, with rap, reggae and synth sounds making themselves prominent.

Before I leave you with my list of highlights, congratulations to Street Pieces for laying down a record breaking six tracks during their session.  In the interest of fairness (because I now work with them), I have not included them in my top ten.  However, definitely check them out if you like to rock!

Don’t forget to also keep an eye on the Indie 100 YouTube page for exclusive interviews featuring Dave young from The Sunday Washup!

Eeezypop (Ways To Be Defeated)‘ by Canyonero
The intro to this song had me hooked straight away, with what at first sounds like a synthesised banjo and a cracking bass line.  The lyrics are interesting and sung really well.  The music pulls back during the verses with some nice rhythm happening from the guitar and drum – especially the hi-hats.  And that bass, I absolutely love it.  Check it out for yourself!

Gold‘ by Ink
Gold is a hypnotic, slow chill out track that is well arranged and sounds beautiful.  It’s quite effects heavy, and marks something different from a lot of the other Indie 100 tracks.  It really stands out with its haunting vocals and muted percussion.  The lyrics certainly suit the vocal style, and I adore the unexpected sounds and obvious volume changes.  It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it really, really works for me.

Fall‘ by We The Ghosts
Fall is the kind of song you can imagine on a teen drama, and not in a bad way.  The song starts off with that  lovely pop-rock feel which I’m a bit of a sucker for: with the pre-chorus build up, power chords and mid song guitar solo.  So it’s a pleasant surprise to hear that piano and brass come in near the end, before culminating in a huge final chorus.  It gives the song a really nice progression and I can imagine this proving popular live!

Blizzard‘ by Clare Quinn
I mentioned this artist briefly during a review of this gig.  The recorded version of this piece is no less impressive than the live version.  Everything about this song is good: the slow build up, the story, the vocal talent.  and just when you think it’s your standard melancholy folk song, you end up with this beautiful energetic piece – and it’s really cool how different instruments get to shine together.

Hello!‘ by Brother Fox
What a pleasant trip down memory lane with that distinctive sound of Brother Fox. These guys are masters of rhythm, and know when to pick it up and tone it down.  The backing vocals areat; they give the song a depth it would otherwise have been lacking.  Definitely a good pick me up for a rainy day.

My Heart Will Carry Me‘ by The Black Lullaby
This song starts off with some really nice strumming and some high ‘oohs’ which really sets the tone for this beautiful piece.  Lyrically it’s really grabbing, with a really accessible theme.  The drums come in stages, leading to a cool fade out at the end.  Check out the cool sounds towards the bridge too.  This is a fairly simple but really beautiful song.

The Show‘ by May Lyn
This track offers an unusual mix of syrupy synths, electronic percussion and fluid vocals.  It’s a really cool juxtaposition that has been arranged together well.  It’s not so much about the lyrics for me as it is that journey through the different musically textures, with a vocal melody that suits it superbly.  It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know what I mean when you hear this track – it’s an aural delight.


Sneeky Picnic

Hey Mister‘ by Sneeky Picnic
Speaking of clever mixes, Sneeky Picnic recorded three tracks for Indie 100.  This is their best, featuring a hybrid of rap and ballad style piano.  I’ve not heard anything quite like it; it’s astounding how well the two very different vocal styles fit together.  Both singers have great voices which carry emotion in a different way, and that piano is amazing.  Coupled with some driving percussion, you have an awesome song.

Lay Down My Love‘ by GGGhost
Lay Down My Love is moving track that builds up suspense wonderfully.  The Chorus kicks in with distorted  guitar chords which contrast against the haunting vocal melody.  The main verse melody features the bass and guitar cleverly, and towards the end some cool effects take the song to its crescendo.  It will take you a sad place, in a good way.

Ballad‘ by Fever Pitch
At first listen, the vocals put me off this song a little bit, but the more I hear it, the more I love it.  It’s actually pretty amazing.  There’s some really cool drumming complimented by some really nice sounding guitars.  There comes a mini bass solo signifying a tempo change, which leads to the crowning glory of this track – a really fast, energetic outro which pulls back right at the end for a nice drum and bass finish.

Thanks for reading, and if you have a favorite from the Indie 100, let us know!  Also, remember to check out the compilation of last years top twelve artists from 100 Songs Project 2012.


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